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Ripple Rumor Riots

Ripple Rumor Riots

  • March 5, 2018

Ripple Rumor Riots – XRP on CNBC Drives Cryptocoin Investors Crazy About Coinbase

One investor sold half of his Bitcoin and plowed the money into Ripple. Another investor asked if XRP is being added to Coinbase today since 90 new employees just got hired. Then someone else asked about the Coinbase/Ripple thing. And then someone predicted XRP at $5 before summer only to have the haters and trolls jump all over him. Yes indeed the Ripple rumor riots are well under way.

Ripple rumor riots are understandable. XRP is the most polarizing cryptocoin out there; investors either hate it with a passion or love it and see it as the future of finance. Very few people are neutral about it. The haters have a good reason; Ripple is not decentralized which is antithetical to what cryptocoin should be. Other problems include the virtually limitless capacity to generate more XRP coins on demand and the fact that outside the Western Union tests and a couple of small banks adopting it, there’s no big news yet.

Ripple Rumor Riots

Thanks to Ripple rumor riots XRP is right now $1; the highest it’s been in quite a while. There might be a bull run on Ripple but other than the CNBC appearance, which really didn’t announce anything, there’s no rational reason other than the persistent rumor of XRP coming to Coinbase. In my opinion I don’t see it happening precisely because XRP is a centralized coin and I don’t see Coinbase going for it. I think the Ripple rumors of joining Coinbase stem from people seeing the CEOs of Coinbase and Ripple on the same CNBC segment and automatically made some assumptions. Everybody on the Crypto Capers staff is pretty ambivalent about XRP so count us among the very few who don’t hate XRP or love it. Ripple is what it is.

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