Coinmine One Review

Coinmine One Review – Plug and Play Comes to Cryptomining…. with a Catch.

This Coinmine One Review is going to be very interesting.  That’s because we think the idea is brilliant but in its brilliance are its limitations.  Let’s put this right out there: The Coinmine One should not be considered for serious cryptomining.  The specs make serious cryptocoin mining impossible.  According to the official Coinmine website here’s what’s under the hood in a Coinmine One: RX580 8GB GPU, Intel Celeron CPU, 8GB RAM

Any serious crypto miner will tell you those specs are basically meaningless compared to a serious cryptocoin mining rig.


The Coinmine One has four great features as reported on their website:

  • It’s only $699.
  • It’s super-simple to setup.  We’re talking plug-and-play simple. No cables.  Just Wifi.
  • It consumes VERY little power.  This is because it’s simply enough power for a low-spec PC.
  • It’s small and quiet.  Compared to a conventional mining rig or an ASIC miner it’s almost silent.

coinmine one review

The conclusion of this Coinmine One review: The Coinmine One is great for hobbyists who want to dabble in cryptomining with no intentions of making any serious amounts of money. Especially Bitcoin.

Coinmine One Discount  from CryptoCapers.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This Coinmine One review was conducted without physical access to an actual miner.




Facebook Libra Legality

Facebook Libra Legality – Congress Needs to Understand History, not Libra

Facebook Libra legality is being determined in US Congress hearings next month based on the understanding gained by US k=lawmakers during these hearings.  As I see it, that’s the wrong way to go about it.  Facebook is widely regarded as a monopoly in business and media quarters and given their unique market position that is above and beyond dominance,   I agree.

Facebook is a monopoly nearly as powerful as Standard Oil and AT&T.  The subject of Facebook Libra Legality cannot be limited to the coin itself and what it might be used for.  The questions members of congress need to ask is: What happens when a powerful global monopoly has its own monetary system?

Answer: We don’t WANT to find out.

facebook libra legality

I’m the last one you’d think is a conspiracy theory nut but… WHAT IF the Facebook Libra legality issue is part of a bigger play to protect Facebook from a government-mandated breakup?

Either way, Facebook Libra legality must be denied.  To allow Facebook to get its hooks into a significant amount of global monetary transactions is too dangerous.

How dangerous?

New research, carried out by U.S. brokerage eToro, has found that while 58% of the U.S. adults have heard of bitcoin, the first and largest cryptocurrency, Facebook’s libra is already known by 16% of people—just a month after it was unveiled.

Here’s the scary part — Bitcoin has been around for TEN YEARS. The only safe way I see to Facebook Libra legality is to divest Libra from Facebook as a condition as it being approved as a viable stable crypto coin. So much power allowed to be in the hands of a single entity is too dangerous. That’s why AT&T and Standard Oil were forced to break up; to protect consumers through the balanced dispersal of concentrated corporate power.

Bitcoin Price Buoyancy

Bitcoin Price Buoyancy – Don’t Bet Against Bitcoin

Bitcoin price fluctuations over the past week only go to show that Bitcoin price buoyancy over time is real.  Anybody who watched the latest 60 Minutes heard (or reheard – this story has become as historical as it has notorious) learned of the sad tale of Laszlo Hanyecz who paid 10,000 Bitcoin for some Papa John pizza.

When he bought that pizza almost nine years ago to the day — on May 19, 2000 – he ended up paying $800 million for that pizza at today’s current market price for a single Bitcoin. Repeat this until it sinks in; Bitcoin Price Buoyancy – Don’t Bet Against Bitcoin.

Looking at this sad story as a cautionary tale HODL takes on a new, deeper meaning.

As to current Bitcoin Price Buoyancy let’s look at what happened at the end of last week; Bitcoin rocketed up to nearly $8,000 USD then plunged by nearly $1,000 to roughly $7,000 in the blink of an eye.  And then it rebounded back to the $8,000 level within a few hours.  Buoyant indeed!

Bitcoin Price Buoyancy

The most feasible explanation for the sudden drop of Bitcoin late last week is best explained here. As usual, Bitcoin recovered.  And quickly.  Some say that Bitcoin is poised to return to the $18,000-$20,000 in very short order.  We’re optimistic yet skeptical.  Nobody can truly know what Bitcoin will do – or why – in the short term.  Studying all of the charts ever generate on Bitcoin won’t help.  Nor will predictions of future financial markets or indeed even analyzing the current status of any financial market anywhere in the world.

Nine years on the only thing certain is that Bitcoin price buoyancy is real.  There’s years of history behind this. In the long term we see Bitcoin as going nowhere except up.  Who can say when or how is a mystery to even the smartest of talking heads.


Bitcoin Cash Chaos

Bitcoin Cash Chaos – The Prime Suspect Behind Today’s Crypto Crash

Bitcoin dropped nearly 12%.  Bitcoin Cash almost 20%.  Ethereum wasn’t immune; it took a 14% hit too.  Lots of altcoins got battered today also.  In my opinion the Bitcoin Cash hard fork tomorrow is the trigger of all this; Bitcoin Cash Chaos.

Here’s my take; spooked investors dumped BCH to sit on the sidelines and see what happens when the hard fork hits.  Bloomberg speculates a selloff of BTC and other coins to free up capital to buy BCH in case it plunges after the hard fork.  I agree.  Coinbase seems concerned by what will happen to BCH tomorrow too.  Observe…

bitcoin cash chaos

Bitcoin Cash Chaos is in full effect.  We’re talking Wild, Wild West stuff here.

The brave (foolish?) cryptocoin investor could see this as a  buying opportunity.  Rebounds could make a lot of money for a lot of people tomorrow.

On the other hand, continuing Bitcoin Cash chaos could lead to further, possibly even catastrophic losses tomorrow.

We advise extreme caution with your cryptocurrency trading decisions in the immediate future.  Do your own research and only invest money you feel comfortable losing.  Treat your buys and sells as if you were gambling.  How much money can you afford to lose after you put it on the table?

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork tomorrow gives investors a second thing to worry about; fake coins. When Bitcoin Cash split a year ago, it ignited a forking craze in which dozens of software-development teams sought to create money out of thin air by tweaking the original computer code and releasing coins with “Bitcoin” in their names.

On an optimistic note, there is good history to learn from too; Bitcoin plunged to levels under $6,000 time and again since late last year, only to see buying return and prices come roaring back. 

Let caution and patience be your guide.

Sun Fund Pre-ICO

Sun Fund Pre-ICO – Equity Crowdfunding and ICOs Converge

The Sun Fund Pre-ICO offers investors the best of both worlds; equity AND an opportunity for a cryptocurrency SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) articipate in an ICO.  A $100 investment = 10 shares + the SAFT

Sun Fund is a vertically integrated renewable energy company that develops and owns profitable solar projects.  Their projects generate predictable, long-term cash flows. Investors should expect an annual 6% dividend on their preferred shares.

All investors participating in this offer receive both preferred equity shares and an additional Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT).

Sun Fund is a real-world company building revenue by generating renewable energy assets and is also developing an Ethereum-based blockchain currency platform.  With the ability to implement smart contracts on a distributed ledger, the Sun Fund token will bring liquidity and a store of value for renewable energy assets while also helping to to eliminate the middle man too often present in global financial and energy markets.

Compared to other companies in the solar energy space, Sun Fund appears to be more profitable than their competitors because they focus on the small and medium-scale commercial and industrial solar markets that have better margins and incentives.  For example, larger solar companies will construct a 20 megawatt solar plant and only get paid five or six cents per kilowatt of electricity generated.  Sun Fund Pre-ICO projects are much smaller, but generate anywhere from 14 to 25 cents per kilowatt.

They have a pipeline of over 55 megawatts of projects so investment dollars go to work generating revenue right away.

Sun Fund Pre-ICO

Sun Fund is also bringing renewable energy to Bitcoin and other coin mining operations to help make coin mining environmentally sustainable.

Before crowdfunding, companies like Sun Fund could only work with private investors. Now these investments are available to everyone.

Sun Fund is inspired by the Toms Shoes One-to-One model but they are taking that further with their 250 to 1 model.  They will bring electricity to 250 families in the developing world who currently do not have electricity for every one megawatt of solar that they install in the United States.

Details of the Sun Fund Pre-ICO investment can be found here.

Bitcoin Bull Run Likely

Bitcoin Bull Run Likely – Cryptocoin Experts and Bitcoin Miners Very Bullish Through 2018.

Experts agree – Bitcoin Bull Run Likely.  Bitcoin mining is steadily increasing, blockchain transaction volume is up 10 % and cryptocoin analysts concur on a breakout of price.  $50,000 by the end of 2018 is still seen as likely despite recent price fluctuation.

While all of these signs all on their own are very good reasons on their own that a Bitcoin bull run will likely occur through to the end of 2018, we need to look at the recent revalation that anywhere between 600-1000 cryptocoins are dead.  CNBC pegs it in the middle at 800.    I say good riddance to shitcoins and I think a lot of cryptocoin investors will too.  This should bring positive pressure to the price of Bitcoin.  Bitcoin Bull Run Likely ? Hell yeah.

I see more and more people exiting altcoins while remaining believers in cryptocoin itself.  As crypto investors become more wary of questionable cryptocurrencies, they will seek safer havens like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum itself.  And among all the coins out there – the big and the small – none are bigger than Bitcoin.  The skeptics are saying Bitcoin will go to zero but this is unlikely if not impossible.

While investing in Bitcoin is risky due to its volatility and nearly impossible-to-predict price fluctuations, everyone here at CryptoCapers remains bullish on Bitcoin.  And, yes, a Bitcoin bull run likely will start soon with an ever-increasing price straight through to the end of the year.  A number of cryptocoin experts see BTC at $50,000 by year’s end.

McAfee Says Adios to ICOs

McAfee Says Adios to ICOs – Bows to SEC Threats, Eliminates ICO Activities

When McAfee says adios to ICOs that’s really saying something. He baffled and bluffed Belize law enforcement.  He showed guile in Guatemala and returned to the US despite a pretty tight dragnet.  But Mr. McAfee realizes when he’s outgunned and outnumbered vis a vis the SEC.  This Tweet yesterday says it all…

McAfee Says Adios to ICOs

So what did the SEC say that forced McAfee to Say Adios to ICOS ? Details aren’t available at this time but we suspect a cease and desist letter.  Since there aren’t clear laws or policies where ICOs are concerned with either the SEC or the FTC, we can only speculate that Mr. McAfee received a very stern letter from the SEC which probably said something to the effect of “Knock it off!”

McAfee’s cryptic comment about an ICO alternative is intriguing.  He has shown a capacity for innovation and brilliance so we can be sure of a fantastic new idea.  What it might be and how it could sidestep existing laws remains to be seen.  The only thing clear right now is that McAfee Says Adios to ICOs under legal pressure.  This should worry everyone and anyone where ICOs are concerned especially the ominous warning from McAfee that anyone doing ICOs “can all look forward to arrest.”

No one should be surprised by a legal crackdown on ICOs.  Exit scams have cost investors millions upon millions of dollars through cloned white papers, stolen identities and out-and-out deception from would-be ICO issuers touting their new coin’s usefulness, expected wide acceptance, etc. while promising ICO issuance bonuses intended to entice even the most cynical ICO investor.

While McAfee Says Adios to ICOs he also said he is staying very involved in the cryptocoin markets themselves.  He’s still an ardent supporter of Bitcoin and his unwavering support and endorsement of Bitcoin should be carefully noted.



Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index

Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index – Cryptocoin is Definitely Mainstream Now.

I caught Michael Novogratz sitting down with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business just now I froze as I heard about The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index for the first time.  What first stunned me was the Bloomberg name.  Bloomberg has not been known to be altogether objective on their coverage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Their involvement along with billionaire Michael Novogratz makes this new offering a cryptocoin investment worthy of close inspection.

Why? Michael Novogratz started investing in Bitcoin when it was just $96 dollars.

The investment philosophy of The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index mirrors that of most mutual funds; devote capital to multiple investments so as to balance risk against reward.  As such the fund is currently focused on ten cryptocoins (Bitcoin – 30 %, Ethererum 30%, Ripple at an astonishing 14$ followed by Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin and others). with plans to expand to including 15 cryptocurrencies in the near future.

Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index

Mike and Maria got into a deep discussion of the allocations to the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index and I found myself shaking my head in agreement and appreciation to the approach.  While there’s been talk for a long time of a crypto index fund I’m impressed by the implementation and administration of this new cryptocoin index.

The weighted average of the The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index distributes risk and reward very evenly among some of the most recognizable cryptocoins. I’m not particularly fond of seeing Ripple in their portfolio as the flow and supply of XRP can be too easily manipulated.  Yet Ripple remains on the radar of many digital currency traders so I can understand the allocated weight of Ripple in their investment mix.

The emergence of this cryptocoin investment index fund is just another sign of things to come.  For mainstream investors unsure of which cryptocoins to invest in, the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index may be the best way to go.

Bitcoin Price Reality

Bitcoin Price Reality – Separating Fact from Myth

The recent plunge in Bitcoin – and almost every other cryptocoin out there – is attributed to all of the recent bad news.  Bitcoin price reality needs to set in.  Let’s tear apart all of the recent factors the “experts” are attributing to the Bitcoin price plunge….

Bitcoin Price Reality #1 – The Google Cryptocoin Ban is a ZERO factor to Bitcoin prices.  The same holds true for the other big coins out there like Ethereum, Litecoin and some of the smaller – but established coins – like Monero, Ripple, etc. Nobody ever saw a Google ad – or a Facebook ad for that matter – for Bitcoin itself.  Ditto Ethereum, TRON and who knows how many other coins.  The Google ban will make life difficult for ICOs and emerging cryptoexchanges and it basically puts cryptocoin consultants, experts and gurus out of business.  HOWEVER, any advertising ban cannot even put a dent in Bitcoin itself.  To think otherwise is the most powerful example of FUD driving idiots and the afraid to sell coins because they just don’t know any better.

Bitcoin Price Reality #2 – The SEC is going to crackdown on cryptocoin.  Yes, perhaps.  But so what? That’s not going to have the slightest ACTUAL impact on Bitcoin (and again, the other big coins, etc.) Because Bitcon is decentralized there is nobody for a government agency to go after.  No single entity raises any actual money with Bitcoin.  This is why Coinbase is so slow to list any ICOs. This quote from Michael Lempres, a senior corporate officer of Coinbase explains why. “We do not support any [ICO] at the current time because we are not sure what the regulatory [treatment] is… We are waiting for the dust to settle between the CFTC and SEC before we electively engage on supporting ICOs.” The CEO of Coinbase said much the same thing during a recent CNBC interview when it comes to listing new coins; they are operating Coinbase with a conservative abundance of caution.  Bitcoin Price Reality: If Coinbase were to be subject to higher, much more stringent regulations tomorrow it wouldn’t matter at all. A typical day at a Coinbase office would go on as usual.

bitcoin price reality

Bitcoin Price Reality #3 – All of the government regulation on earth won’t and can’t stop Bitcoin.  NBC News published a very dark article on their website about the future of cryptocurrency.  All together the reporting wasn;t bad but they got one thing very, very wrong — they grouped Bitcoin together in the same category as all other cryptocurrencies.  I think what spooked the Bitcoin world markets was what the IMF (International Monetary Fund) said in calling for GLOBAL regulation of cryptocurrency.  It’s been pointed out time and time again that Bitcoin, in and of itself, is immune from and impervious to any regulation of any kind. Bitcoin is the king of cryptocoin and is in a class by itself.

Coinbase Index Fund

Coinbase Index Fund – Cryptocoin Investing Will Be as Simple as Investing in a Mutual Fund

On CNBC’s Fast Money this afternoon, Coinbase President & COO Asiff Hirji announced a new cryptocoin investing vehicle for the masses; the CoinBase Index Fund.  With all of the simplicity of any other index fund such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Coinbase Index Fund will take all of the guesswork out of cryptocoin investing and puts cryptocurrency investing on autopilot.

For those unaware of what an index fund is and how they work, this article will educate you in under ten minutes.

Now let’s pop the Champagne cork and celebrate the Coinbase Index Fund for the digital currency milestone that it is.  Investing in cryptocoins is about to become as mainstream as investing in a mutual fund. (We’re not providing any more educational links so Google the term “mutual fund” for insights you may need.)

“It’s an easy way to get exposure to the crypto assets that we offer on our exchange,” says Coinbase President and COO Asiff Hirji.

coinbase index fund

That’s for sure.  Easily half of the cryptocoin conversations on the Internet revolve around which coin to buy, how much of it, when will it go to the Moon, when can I buy my Lambo, etc. etc.  The Coinbase Index Fund eliminates the guesswork by leveraging the weighted value of all of the coins listed on Coinbase.

The Coinbase Index Fund will be initially available only to accredited U.S. investors with every intention to expand the offering to ANY and EVERY investor.  Citing caution and concerns over US regulations for this slow, cautious pace I salute the COO of Coinbase for exercising care and caution in a financial maret where chaos not only reigns, it is embraced.

Details of the Coinbase Index Fund are limited to explaining that investors will have exposure to all assets listed on the company’s current exchange, GDAX. The currencies will be weighted based on market capitalization.

In very much the same way the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a collection of stocks meant to give a sense of the American economy, this fund will try to reflect major trends in the cryptocurrency market.

At the moment, only American residents are legally allowed to invest at this stage, Hirji said, citing SEC oversight as a key reason. He said the company is working on launching more funds in the near future.

Hirjii highlighted Coinbases’s broader approach, which he said is more tailored to individual investors.

“I think the investors are not going to want to pick specific winners or losers,” Hirji said.

For the most part I agree with their philosophy.  What’s most exciting about the Coinbase Index Fund announcement is the sheer trading volume it will bring which is very good news for cryptocoin miners who earn part of their profits from processing crypto transactions.

It needs to be said that Coinbase has earned and maintains its position as an industry leader.  Coinbase is, as I see it, is the biggest cryptocoin advocate on earth.  Crypto Capers founder Howard Sherman wrote about Coinbase Commerce, their commerce-based approach to making digital currency a part of buying or selling anything.  If widely adopted, cryptocurrency will become much more than a simple store of value.  Keep a close eye on Coinbase and bear witness to them changing the way the world makes and spends money.

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