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Meet the CryptoCapers.Com Team

Sean Fifield, Owner

Sean started his journey into cryptocurrency in August 2017 and, as with everything he does, dove right in.  Spending the rest of the summer on daily research on every aspect of cryptocurrency he had a particular interest in crypto trading and investment.  He purchased and traded his first cryptocurrency in August 2017and now trades daily in Jacksonville, FL that brings in new gains every single day. There is nothing he likes doing more!!!

Present-day Sean has his finger on the pulse of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other cutting-edge financial platforms.

Eric Eddy, Contributor

Eric has been been an IT professional for 15+ years.  His technical background and expertise made it easy for him to start crypto mining on his own custom-built equipment.  He’s also savvy in investing and is in the process of evolving through merging these two skills into something that resembles a successful venture in Cryptocurrency. Eric has successfully deployed ASIC Bitcoin miners and altcoin mining rigs and has “in the trenches” experience with crypto mining, cryptocurrency security with a broad understanding of the broader digital currency markets.



Nat Roth, Contributor – Nat is involved in the broader financial industry and comes from a traditional stocks-and-bonds background.  Bringing his conventional knowledge of the world’s financial markets to the crypto world provides an all-new perspective in cryptocurrency investing, trading and speculating.  With Bitcoin futures trading now a reality he’ll be weighing in on his take of the broad adoption of Bitcoin to global financial markets.

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