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Coinmine One Review

Coinmine One Review

  • July 19, 2019

Coinmine One Review – Plug and Play Comes to Cryptomining…. with a Catch.

This Coinmine One Review is going to be very interesting. That’s because we think the idea is brilliant but in its brilliance are its limitations. Let’s put this right out there: The Coinmine One should not be considered for serious cryptomining. The specs make serious cryptocoin mining impossible. According to the official Coinmine website here’s what’s under the hood in a Coinmine One: RX580 8GB GPU, Intel Celeron CPU, 8GB RAM

Any serious crypto miner will tell you those specs are basically meaningless compared to a serious cryptocoin mining rig.


The Coinmine One has four great features as reported on their website:

  • It’s only $699.
  • It’s super-simple to setup. We’re talking plug-and-play simple. No cables. Just Wifi.
  • It consumes VERY little power. This is because it’s simply enough power for a low-spec PC.
  • It’s small and quiet. Compared to a conventional mining rig or an ASIC miner it’s almost silent.

coinmine one review

The conclusion of this Coinmine One review: The Coinmine One is great for hobbyists who want to dabble in cryptomining with no intentions of making any serious amounts of money. Especially Bitcoin.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This Coinmine One review was conducted without physical access to an actual miner.

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