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Sun Fund Pre-ICO

Sun Fund Pre-ICO

  • July 14, 2018

Sun Fund Pre-ICO – Equity Crowdfunding and ICOs Converge

The Sun Fund Pre-ICO offers investors the best of both worlds; equity AND an opportunity for a cryptocurrency SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) articipate in an ICO. A $100 investment = 10 shares + the SAFT

Sun Fund is a vertically integrated renewable energy company that develops and owns profitable solar projects. Their projects generate predictable, long-term cash flows. Investors should expect an annual 6% dividend on their preferred shares.

All investors participating in this offer receive both preferred equity shares and an additional Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT).

Sun Fund is a real-world company building revenue by generating renewable energy assets and is also developing an Ethereum-based blockchain currency platform. With the ability to implement smart contracts on a distributed ledger, the Sun Fund token will bring liquidity and a store of value for renewable energy assets while also helping to to eliminate the middle man too often present in global financial and energy markets.

Compared to other companies in the solar energy space, Sun Fund appears to be more profitable than their competitors because they focus on the small and medium-scale commercial and industrial solar markets that have better margins and incentives. For example, larger solar companies will construct a 20 megawatt solar plant and only get paid five or six cents per kilowatt of electricity generated. Sun Fund Pre-ICO projects are much smaller, but generate anywhere from 14 to 25 cents per kilowatt.

They have a pipeline of over 55 megawatts of projects so investment dollars go to work generating revenue right away.

Sun Fund Pre-ICO

Sun Fund is also bringing renewable energy to Bitcoin and other coin mining operations to help make coin mining environmentally sustainable.

Before crowdfunding, companies like Sun Fund could only work with private investors. Now these investments are available to everyone.

Sun Fund is inspired by the Toms Shoes One-to-One model but they are taking that further with their 250 to 1 model. They will bring electricity to 250 families in the developing world who currently do not have electricity for every one megawatt of solar that they install in the United States.

Details of the Sun Fund Pre-ICO investment can be found here.

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