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Buying Bitcoin on a Dip

Buying Bitcoin on a Dip

  • November 15, 2017

Buying bitcoin on a dip always works. The recent dip in bitcoin pricing led to a very serious buying opportunity over the past weekend.

buying bitcoin on a dip

See? I told you so. If you were one of the smarter cryptocoin investors and bought bitcoin at the last dip at about $5900 back on November 12th you would have made some very serious money very quickly. How serious? A hypothetical $1,000 investment in bitcoin three days ago would’ve netted you a 20% gain on your investment in just 72 hours. In other words you would’ve made about $200 in profit with roughly 2 minutes of “work” in clicking your order to buying bitcoin on a dip then selling it at a peak.

Buying bitcoin on a dip is a smart way to make good money in no time at all. This is the perfect example of “buy low sell high”.

So when do you know when its time to sell bitcoin at a high? That’s the beautiful part; you don’t. Bitcoin has an upward trajectory with no end in sight. Previously we talked about experts’ forecasts on bitcoin pricing being shattered by ever-climbing highs. Case in point is today’s bitcoin price is on pace to get back to its last known high of $7800 of just last week in no time at all.

The takeaway is not to walk away from bitcoin when the price dips. The smart thing to do is not running away but buying bitcoin on a dip. Historically this has been a profitable activity every time it’s tried. The longer you hold bitcoin after buying on the dip the more money you’ll make in the long term. How much money? The Oslo college student bitcoin story is famous by now.

The best possible strategy to profit from bitcoin is buying bitcoin on a dip and holding on to it with a long-term perspective in mind.

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