Cryptocurrency Investment Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Cryptocurrency Investment Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

The Heleum App Makes it Possible for Mobile Users to Make Money on Autopilot.

This isn’t the first time equity crowdfunding has converged cryptocoin but it certainly seems to be an emerging trend.

Heleum LLC was created by brothers Pace & Taylor Ellsworth and their colleague Dan Pratt. The team brainstormed and came up with the investment automation concept for their first app, Heleum, in November 2015: a mesh network of currency values that would reduce the risk of trading while increasing the reward, compared to the inverse risk/reward inherent to the world’s prevailing binary paradigm. Heleum eliminates all of the guesswork of investing allowing ordinary people to put their money to work for them. From there Heleum puts its own money where their mouth is; they only make money when the investor makes money.

Heleum LLC is currently running an equity crowdfunding campaign and have hit their minimum goal of $100,000 with every intention of raising over $1 million. Funds raised will be used to improve the existing app while rolling out new ones expanding to other trading markets, like stocks, futures, and forex. Heleum’s vision is to give average people unparalleled opportunities to profit in various financial markets with a hands-free approach.

Heleum works by dividing and launching a user’s available funds into “balloons.” Heleum watches the exchange rates between currencies and moves the funds inside a balloon when it’s most advantageous. When it becomes most advantageous to move back to the base currency, this forces the balloon to “pop” and realize the overall gain. Balloons will normally pop within 1-3 months at gains above 2%. Instead of exchanging in regular binary pairs (eg. US dollar to British pound, and back to US dollar), funds follow paths like: US dollar to bitcoin to euro to litecoin to bitcoin, and back to US dollar, with relative gains at each step.

So far this year Heleum is beating the performance of Bitcoin itself as this chart shows.

Cryptocurrency Investment Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

By leveraging both digital currencies and conventional fiat currencies, Heleum users gain access to world currency markets that are out of the reach of ordinary investors while simplifying what has always been acknowledged as among the most difficult aspects of investing.

In keeping with their “for the people” philosophy, an initial equity investment in Heleum starts at just $100. Full details of this equity crowdfunding opportunity are here –

About Heleum, LLC
Heleum LLC, was founded in Mesa, Arizona in April 2017 by Pace & Taylor Ellsworth and Dan Pratt. They currently have over 4500 users in 95 countries. Short-term development plans include native mobile apps, charitable giving, and automated deposits and withdrawals.  Learn more about heleum at

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018 – Bitcoin and Beyond.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018 is my attempt to draw attention to cryptocoin investments that deserve serious consideration as investing opportunities. It is fair to say that cryptocurrencies have taken the world of finance by storm. They have not only outperformed every other traditional investment in the markets, but they have also delivered sizeable returns in a very short span of time. However, they have also moved on to shed all their astounding gains in a matter of days, making them highly volatile investment instruments. If you are interested in exploring cryptocurrencies, then we suggest you read up on them first and understand the risks associated. Furthermore, considering their volatile nature, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

With that in mind, here is our list of top 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

 Bitcoin is the world’s very first decentralised cryptocurrency. Being one of the first real-world applications of blockchain technology, Bitcoin set the precedent for other cryptocurrencies to follow. In a way, Bitcoin is the starting point for cryptocurrencies. Despite its drawbacks like high transaction fees, slow transaction speed, and centralised mining, Bitcoin still remains to be among the most popular cryptocurrencies.

The supply of Bitcoin is limited – only 21 million BTC will ever exist. This finite supply coupled with massive popularity has taken Bitcoin to new heights. At the start of May 2017, the value of 1 BTC was around $1,300. By mid-December, the same was on the verge of crossing $19,000. This translates into an increase of more than 1,000% in less than a year!

However, its price collapsed soon thereafter and it went down to be traded at levels slightly above $6,000.  Bitcoin price rebounded a bit and is hovering in the 6500s with many Bitcoin bulls expecting a history-making price rise now through the end of the year.

  • Golem (GNT)

The reason why Golem makes this list is because of its revolutionary idea – it aims to be a global, decentralised supercomputer that can be used by anyone for applications like CGI rendering, machine learning, and scientific computing. It is like the Airbnb of computers – individual PC users and massive data centres alike can put up their idle computing power for rent and get paid in Golem Network Tokens (GNT) by the requestors. In simpler terms, the Golem Project is like a decentralised marketplace for computing power.

Needless to mention, the idea behind Golem is definitely intriguing. Unlike many cryptocurrencies which are simply a digital currency, the Golem Project actually aims to do something worthwhile. As of late June 2018, the price of 1 GNT is $0.3, making it an attractive buy. For more information on this currency, you can visit

  • Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is more than a cryptocurrency – it is an open source, blockchain-based platform that can be used by anyone to develop blockchain applications with the help of smart contracts. Allow us to break it down for you. Assume that you want to develop a blockchain solution to efficiently manage the logistics of your company. Instead of starting from scratch with coding, you can visit the Ethereum platform and just build your application. This is one of the reasons why a vast majority of cryptocurrencies are Ethereum-based – it makes it easier to launch new blockchain projects.

The native currency of the Ethereum platform is known as Ether (ETH). It is used to pay for the computing power utilised on the platform by developers and clients. In other words, anyone who is looking to interact with the Ethereum platform or intends to build an app on the Ethereum blockchain needs Ether. As blockchain becomes more popular in the future, Ethereum is going to play a vital role in making the ideas of developers come to fruition.

At the start of 2017, the price of 1 ETH token was less than $10. By January 2018, the same token was available at a whopping price of $1,100. However, when the cryptocurrency bubble burst, Ether, just like its peers, lost massively to go below the $500 mark.

  • Litecoin (LTC)

If we look at Bitcoin as gold, then Litecoin is unarguably its silver counterpart. Litecoin is an open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin. In many ways, the creation of Litecoin was inspired by its elder brother, although it is considerably faster and cheaper. There are many merchants worldwide who are already accepting Litecoin as a mode of payment.

In January 2017, 1 LTC could be bought for around $4.5. By late December, the same Litecoin was priced at $280. It goes without saying that this meteoric rise in value was almost immediately followed by a sharp nosedive which the took the price well below the $100 mark. This behaviour has been quite similar to that of Bitcoin.


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

  • Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is among the few cryptocurrency projects that became massively popular in 2017. Unlike other projects which were driven by market speculation and developers’ enthusiasm, Ripple has garnered interest from several reputable financial institutions like Standard Chartered, American Express, Axis Bank, et cetera. While XRP has its haters I feel it deserves a spot here with Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

It is because Ripple is not a product; it is an infrastructure that facilitates real-time exchange of anything in value across the world. The Ripple Protocol uses blockchain technology to make international transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure. As a global settlement network, Ripple can truly transform the way we send money internationally.

In 2017, the value of ripple jumped by more than 35,000%! Yes, you have read it right – the price of 1 XRP moved up from around $0.005 to $3.20, before losing these gains in 2018. In terms of market capitalisation, Ripple XRP is among the most popular cryptocurrencies. You may be wondering that you have missed out on an exciting investment opportunity, but considering its future, it is never too late to invest in Ripple.

Things to consider before investing in cryptocurrencies not just among Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018 but in general.

It is a well-known fact that blockchain is the next revolution in the world of technology. Cryptocurrencies play an important role in making blockchain technology a success and implementing them in our day-to-day lives. However, the world of cryptocurrencies has been largely unregulated, up until now. Many governments across the world have begun to impose regulations to prevent money laundering – a move that has drastically affected the value cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, as a relatively new asset class, they are highly volatile and there is no predicting how the markets will behave. From a long-term investment perspective, you should look at cryptocurrencies which have real-world applications and aim to solve real-world problems. While you cannot entirely be certain that your investment won’t go down, you will at least be confident because you believe in the future of the currency. All the best as you consider Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018.

[ Editor’s note: We thank Adel John for her guest post and must remind everyone that every cryptocurrency investment comes with significant risk.  We urge all of our readers to do their homework and deep research before making any investment decision. ]

Cryptocoin Markets in 2018

Cryptocoin Markets in 2018 – I Predict Order out Of Chaos

I forecast that cryptocoin markets in 2018 are going to settle down as the 100,000 or so new cryptocoin investors that enter the cryptocurrency trading market e very day end up being sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Day in and day out new investors are sickened by the sudden losses and dramatic sides in their portfolio with no sense of assurance other than sticking to the tried and true approaches to HODL and NEVER sell at a loss.

Well that’s all well and good but cryptocoin markets in 2018 have shown that some coins never rebound.  Or if they do, it could be a long time coming as cryptocoin investors watch other opportunities come and go. Let’s look at Ripple’s XRP for example…

Cryptocoin Markets in 2018

Ripple was dancing at all time highs on January 3rd and 4th and XRP is down over 50% as I write this article. Note the parallels between the price of BTC and XRP in the above chart.  They’re nearly mirror images. Not to pick on Ripple the very same thing happened to Tron (TRX) in THE EXACT SAME TIME PERIOD.  Look at the chart for TRX.  It crested to an all time high on January 3rd and 4th (just like XRP) and then the price cratered (just like XRP).

Investors who DON’T get out at the highs and instead try and time the market or otherwise hold on for bigger gains are getting disgusted.  This is the prevailing sentiment outside the established coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) and this is what’s going to act as a stabilizing factor for cryptocoin markets in 2018.

I see two things happening as a result; Bitcoin values continue a steady trajectory upwards as the market becomes less diluted by other coins of dubious value (sometimes called shitcoins) that people no longer attempt to speculate in.  You can tell the cryptocoin markets in 2018 are in for some serious changes when posts across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and various other forums are loaded with posts asking for advice on what can be bought for a penny or a nickel or otherwise under a dollar.  These folks are looking to make a quick killing and while a very small number of cryptocoin investors do, the majority get killed themselves in terms of the tremendous losses they’re hit with.

If investors looked at Bitcoin’s meteoric rise and Ethereum’s recent, non-stop march to new high after new high on an almost daily basis the pattern should become clear. Goldman Sachs calls Bitcoin the new gold.  Let that sink in.

There are a few coins truly worth of your time and attention and money but the other 2,000 or so digital currencies out there are not.  As always, do your own research and make any investment decision based on a sound analytical basis and not because there is some fervent hope that the random shitcoin you bought at 2 cents will moon to over $2 in a week or two or a month. Let the cryptocoin trading tips I shared with you last week be your guide.

How to Buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin – It could take just a couple of minutes or a couple of days.

According to CNBC “how to buy bitcoin” was the third most used Google search time in 2017.  That’s understandable; Bitcoin is dominating dinner conversations, most cable news shows and the lives of would-be cryptocoin investors who want their share of the pot of gold.

When you decide to get on the Bitcoin bus- as millions of others already have – asking yourself “how to buy Bitcoin?” you start your ride with opening an account with one of the major exchanges (like Coinbase or CEX or Bittrexx), connect a bank account or credit/debit card and transfer money over. All of this takes about five minutes then you’re ready for your first Bitcoin buy.

how to buy bitcoin

Despite its turbulence in 2017 with downtime and outages due to growing pains, Coinbase is the preferred choice.  To be fair to Coinbase, they have added millions of users this year alone and have been struggling to keep up with seemingly insatiable demand. Coinbase has made tremendous progress in scaling to accommodate all of these new cryptocoin investors as they continue to position themselves as the dominant cryptocoin exchange in the world.

The next most important people ask right after “how to buy Bitcoin” is WHEN to buy Bitcoin.  Trying to time any market is tricky for even a seasoned investor.  Trying to time the Bitcoin market is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle.  As we publish this article Bitcoin is priced at $14,390, well off its all-time high of nearly $20,000 just two weeks ago. So RIGHT NOW would be a good time to buy as the consensus remains very bullish for Bitcoin.  Experts are forecasting Bitcoin to run as high as $30,000 or $60,000 or even $100K per coin depending on who you ask.

That being said, there is no bad time to Bitcoin but buying Bitcoin on a dip like now is always a good idea.




Cryptocoin Investments Compared

Cryptocoin Investments Compared and it’s easier than you think.

A day – or even an hour – doesn’t go by where there isn’t a conversation whereby cryptocoin investments compared goes on.  From what I’ve seen cryptocoin investors fall into two distinct camps; active traders who will buy whatever John McAfee tweets about then sell it as fast as they can timed to make the most money they possibly can as fast as possible (the “pump and dump”) OR any other viable cryptocoin that they can buy low and sell high in the short term to make a profit.  Then they move on to the next coin in the next minute or hour or day.

This active trader is playing an endless game where there is a never-ending pursuit of cryptocoin investments compared and analyzed to determine the next buy and then the next sale.  This reminds me of day trading in stocks and I’m noticing that cryptocoin traders end up with a similar experience; you can have a great day or life can suck.  How’s that for a dichotomy?

cryptocoin investments compared

For the purposes of this conversation I’ll divide cryptocurrency investors into two distinct categories; intelligent traders and impatient traders.

The Intelligent Cryptocoin Investor

The intelligent trader will buy cryptocoin because he or she analyzed the fundamentals, perhaps read the whitepaper and likes everything seen.  The intelligent trader will then make their purchase and watch their investment(s) like a mother hen watches her eggs.  The intelligent trader isn’t intending to sell what he just bought but is prepared to sell if market moves are alarming and/or cryptocoin trends are working against their investment.  As far as I’m concerned the intelligent cryptocoin trader will stick with proven staples like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital currencies that are firmly established and have a proven track record.

The Impatient Cryptocoin Investor

The impatient (maybe also impetuous?) cryptocurrency trader will always be on the prowl for the next big hit be it Verge or Ember or Ripple, etc. etc. to buy in, HODL just a little bit then panic and and sell the minute the coin drops by a penny or two.  This disrupts the entire market for that coin and then the mob mentality prevails.

The impatient cryptocoin investor can make a ton of money one day and lose his shirt the next.  The intelligent investor will make more money over a longer period of time.  Long story short: Invest in the established coins and keep a close eye on your investments.  Avoid all the other coins because they are too speculative and too volatile.  As always, everything stated here is my opinion.  Do your own research and soul searching and make the best decision that fits you.  It all begins with cryptocoin investments compared side by side to give you the essential information you need to proceed as you see best.

Cryptocoin Investing in 2018

Cryptocoin Investing in 2018 AKA Welcome to the Jungle

Cryptocoin investing in 2018 will be even more complicated than it was in 2017.  As newcomers to cryptocurrency investing ask which coin to buy under different criteria such as what’s under $1, what’s expected to grow the most, will Bitcoin come back, etc. etc. they are confused by dozens and sometimes hundreds of answers.

There are right now nearly 1500 altcoins out there with many of them showing promise while in all cases it’s impossible to know for certain.  This certainly makes cryptocoin investing in 2018 complicated to say the least when you consider there’s a new cryptocoin coming out on an almost daily basis.  It’s unrealistic to even dream of analyzing all of these coins and reach any sort of conclusion as to where to invest in digital currency.

Sure there are lots of tips out there and among them all try to filter out all the chatter and distill it down to those coins that are being talked about over and over.  Examples include Verge and Ripple (VXG and XRP) which are getting lots of attention from many people in the cryptocoin investing community. In cases like these where a few coins standout from the masses go ahead and take a deep dive with cryptocurrency research and see if such a cryptocoin investment makes as much sense as it sounds.

Cryptocoin Investing in 2018

Cryptocoin Investing in 2018 needs to be approached with conservatism and caution.  That’s because we forecast the cryptocoin markets will be flooded with new coins making it even more difficult to ascertain which among them are the most promising investments.  All of the rest are casually labeled “shitcoins” and are largely avoided, whether they do or do not deserve it.

The safer strategy as I see it when it comes to cryptocoin investing in 2018 is to stick with the better known cryptocoins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.  Personally, my portfolio is all about Bitcoin as I am a Bitcoin miner and collect new Bitcoin every day.  That’s my focus and John McAfee agrees that buying Bitcoin right now represents a bargain.

Investing in ICOs and SAFTs

Investing in ICOs and SAFTs is not a simple process.  If you’re not an accredited investor it’s even more complicated as only accredited investors are permitted to invest in ICOs.  The qualifications to be an accredited investor would peg you as rich in terms of either a $200,000 annual income for the past two years ($380,000 for a married couple) OR a net worth not less than $1 million.

Startups are raising funds by creating and selling their own digital “tokens” or “coins,” using blockchain technology, that serve as the payment mechanisms within their products. The tokens have an advantage over regular money in part because startups can program simple rules for them that go beyond mere currency of a kind but to actually guide product functionality by using such cryptocurrency within the product itself, such  an app.

Blockchain brings its own set of advantages independent of investing in ICOs and SAFTs themselves.

Investors buy digital tokens from startups in hopes the value will rise as the startup adds customers and builds revenue. The tokens are artificially limited in quantity, so the value of each token increases as demand increases. Customers of the startup won’t notice the rise in token value because prices within the product are based on the value of conventional currency. Otherwise stated, if one token is worth a dollar today, but worth ten dollars tomorrow, the startup auto-adjusts the price within the product to be 10% of a token to compensate.

SAFT tokens are seen as a simplified way for startups to sidestep standard ICO regulations.  For mind-numbing, even eye-watering examples of this feel free to research the finer points of SEC Regulation D Offerings via Rules 506(b) and 506(c) which are limited to accredited investors, or in the case of 506(b), additionally up to 35 sophisticated investors. However, an alternative is possible — crowdfunding up to $1.07M/12 months under Regulation Crowdfunding (RCF) which allows unaccredited and unsophisticated investors (or perhaps under SEC Rule 504).

Everybody got all that? That’s the basis for SAFTs being more appealing to startups in raising necessary capital without all of the hoops and hidden pitfalls of a standard ICO offering.  More importantly, startups can gain access to a wider base of investors since accredited investors, by definition, tends to be a club with somewhat exclusive membership.

So how does investing in ICOs and SAFTs make any money for the investor? Tokens can easily be exchanged for Bitcoin or cash on cryptocurrency exchanges.

For the avoidance of doubt,  ICOs and SAFTs are not investments in the purest sense of the word and owning such coins don’t confer equity ownership.  Their appeal is in providing an easy path to share in whatever success the startup experiences which is something that was reserved for the ultra-exclusive angel investors club up until now.

Is investing in ICOs and SAFTs something you should do? Quite possibly. Just make sure you acquire and assimilate all of the material available on any given offering and make an informed investment decision just as you would with an IPO on the stock market with the full knowledge that your money is on the line with all of the risks and rewards that may come.

Bitcoin Tickles $8,000

Last week we predicted that Bitcoin pricing would go nowhere but up.  We were right again.

After dipping below $6,000 earlier this month, the price of cryptocurrency Bitcoin surpassed $8,000 today on one of the world’s largest exchanges, Bitfinex.

On a global scale, average-high Bitcoin prices were slightly lower hovering tantalizingly below $8,000.  By some indexes Bitcoin was within $2 of the $8,000 mark.

Regardless, today’s surge in Bitcoin’s price comes amid growing institutional investor interest as well as an overrated “hard fork” Friday that will introduce a new cryptocurrency for Bitcoin owners which will probably fizzle out as most do.

Bitcoin is entering the mainstream thanks to respected investors and proven companies who are entering the cryptocurrency foray. Square started a slow roll out allowing customers to buy and sell bitcoin a couple of days ago and a few days before that let’s not forget that The Chicago Mercantile Exchange announced plans offer Bitcoin futures sometime next month leading to a whole new slate of bitcoin investors .  Last week Coinbase added 100,000 new users in a single day as they add new services catering to institutional investors.

Conventional thinking holds to the view that part of Bitcoin’s price jump in recent months has been thanks to anticipation surrounding the SegWit2x fork. As a hard fork results in the creation of a new cryptocurrency, each Bitcoin investor receives an equal number of whatever the new coin may be. For example, in an August hard fork, Bitcoin investors in addition to their existing cryptocurrency funds.  The Bitcoin Cash blowup last weekend was short lived; Bitcoin Cash pricing returned to normal as Bitcoin itself rose to its highest peaks.  And the Bitcoin Cash burst only happened as something of a rebellious reach to the plug getting pulled on the SegWit2x fork.

We hold to the view that Bitcoin is THE way to go when it comes to cryptocurrency investing over any other Bitcoin derivative.  We’re not pouring cold water on Monero or Litecoin or Ethereum.  Far from it.  There’s tremendous value in other cryptocurrencies and there’s money to be made in other cryptocoins.



Buying Bitcoin on a Dip

Buying bitcoin on a dip always works.  The recent dip in bitcoin pricing led to a very serious buying opportunity over the past weekend.

buying bitcoin on a dip

See? I told you so. If you were one of the smarter cryptocoin investors and bought bitcoin at the last dip at about $5900 back on November 12th you would have made some very serious money very quickly. How serious? A hypothetical $1,000 investment in bitcoin three days ago would’ve netted you a 20% gain on your investment in just 72 hours.  In other words you would’ve made about $200 in profit with roughly 2 minutes of “work” in clicking your order to buying bitcoin on a dip then selling it at a peak.

Buying bitcoin on a dip is a smart way to make good money in no time at all.  This is the perfect example of “buy low sell high”.

So when do you know when its time to sell bitcoin at a high? That’s the beautiful part; you don’t.  Bitcoin has an upward trajectory with no end in sight.  Previously we talked about experts’ forecasts on bitcoin pricing being shattered by ever-climbing highs.  Case in point is today’s bitcoin price is on pace to get back to its last known high of $7800 of just last week in no time at all.

The takeaway is not to walk away from bitcoin when the price dips.  The smart thing to do is not running away but buying bitcoin on a dip.  Historically this has been a profitable activity every time it’s tried.  The longer you hold bitcoin after buying on the dip the more money you’ll make in the long term.  How much money? The Oslo college student bitcoin story is famous by now.

The best possible strategy to profit from bitcoin is buying bitcoin on a dip and holding on to it with a long-term perspective in mind.


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