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Weiss Cryptocurrency Chaos

Weiss Cryptocurrency Chaos

  • March 4, 2018

Weiss Cryptocurrency Chaos – 15 Emails in 4 Days is Too Much Email Trying To Sell Stuff.

Weiss cryptocurrency chaos is clear when your inbox is flooded with email after email touting this service, that conference call, looming deadlines, etc. Google “Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings” and you will see none of the reviews and ratings are kind. Crypto Capers staff writer Nat Roth has been a fanboy of Martin Weiss for far too long as far as I’m concerned. While I have no prior experience with Weiss ratings my current experience is something propelled out of nightmares. That’s because I get more email from the Martin Weiss people in any given week than any and every other person and company I know… including my mom.

I’ve been a user of the Internet since day one and over the years I’ve become a veteran of Internet promotion including email marketing. As a seasoned, salty veteran it’s clear to me that Weiss cryptocurrency chaos is happening for one or possibly two reasons, nether of them good:

1) They don’t know what the fuck they’re doing by flooding a subscriber’s inbox with duplicate messages at different times and/or from different identities ON TOP OF incessant sales plugs in an endless barrage.

… OR …

2) Subscriptions for Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings are not meeting sales forecasts so some numbskull ordered all hands on deck to pump up sales through any and all means possible.

Either way, Weiss cryptocurrency chaos is as clear as day.

My team mate Nat Roth, a Martin Weiss fanboy, won’t be pleased with my post and I don’t care. I’ve been sitting on the fence since the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings roll out back in January with no particular opinion one way or the other about their ratings other than a “WTF?” feeling at their rating Bitcoin a C+ during their debut report.

While I must refrain from commenting on the quality of their actual ratings since I have too little information to go on, I can tell you that the quality of their marketing totally sucks which smacks of desperation in my humble opinion.

Don’t just take my word for it. Take a good hard look at my inbox and draw your own conclusions about the volume of Weiss emails in my inbox.

weiss cryptocurrency chaos

For all I know Weiss cryptocurrency ratings could be the silver bullet every cryptocoin investor is looking for. Weiss and his team could be fucking geniuses with fully functional crystal balls and possibly even time machines allowing them to visit the future, make notes of the cryptocoin markets, and travel back to the present to publish their next newsletter. I don’t care. They are definitely not marketing geniuses when I receive two different emails from Martin Weiss just this morning (see screen shot above) alerting to me to an opportunity AND a deadline within one minute of each other ON TOP OF the duplicate emails and all the rest.

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