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DragonMint 16T Bitcoin Miner: A Gamechanger

DragonMint 16T Bitcoin Miner: A Gamechanger

  • November 27, 2017

The DragonMint 16T Bitcoin Miner has the Bitcoin Mining World Excited.

There are excellent reasons why. The DragonMint 16T Bitcoin Miner is advertised as the most efficient bitcoin miner ever. Boasting 16 TH/s with a draw of only 1432 watts this new ASIC miner is every bitcoin miner’s dream come true. Why? The single highest expense every bitcoin miner faces is the cost of electricity. Up until now the most efficient bitcoin miner was Bitmain’s Antminer S9 coming in at 13.5 TH/s while consuming 1323 watts.

In other words, The DragonMint 16T Bitcoin Miner churns out 2.5 TH/s more at just about 100 watts more power and is selling for just $1595. The size of this new bitcoin miner is about the same as any other thanks to the next-generation chips they’re building it with….

DragonMint 16T Bitcoin Miner

There’s jut one catch – you need to order a minimum of five of them which means a cash outlay of $8,000 plus shipping.

Other bitcoin news websites are touting the DragonMint 16T Bitcoin Miner as the final breaking of the Bitmain monopoly but that’s not accurate.

Cannan’s Avalon Miners are – for their price – very efficient. Consider that an Avalon Miner 741 churns out 7.1 TH/s (8 TH/s in the real world) consuming 1100 watts with a price point of just $800. While the Avalon Miners are not as power efficient they are half the price which is an important factor when calculating bitcoin mining profits and minimum investment needed for entry into the bitcoin mining business.

Then there’s Ebang’s Ebit Miner E9 Plus 9T bitcoin miner that sells for $1250 as it delivers 9 TH/s while consuming 1305 watts.

Here’s where it gets more interesting….

Canaan has announced their A8 bitcoin miner (specs unavailable at this time) and Ebang has announced their E10 miner (specs also unavailable).

Clearly the bitcoin mining equipment industry is entering a new era of next-generation of ASIC miners that are more powerful and efficient.

Will Bitmain release a new miner too? Almost certainly although no announcements have been made as yet.

The DragonMint 16T Bitcoin Miner seems to be the front-runner of the next generation of bitcoin miners. The 16T can be pre-ordered now with expected shipment in March 2018.

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