Bitcoin hits $9,000 on the evening of November 25th.  We predicted this just five days earlier.

bitcoin hits $9,000

See? I told you so,  Back on November 20th I not only predicted the rapid reaching of Bitcoin to $9,000 but a $10,000 price by the start of 2018.

It seems I might be wrong about that one.  Bitcoin teased the $9,200 mark last night which is making it entirely possible that Bitcoin reaches the $10,000 mark within the next two weeks.  This won’t be coincidental; Bitcoin demand is growing steadily ahead of the expected Bitcoin trading options CME is expected to roll out by the middle of next month.  To wit Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the United States, added 100,000 new users right around Thanksgiving.  While we have no way of knowing how many of those 100,000 new investors actually bought Bitcoin we have to assume a fair percentage of them did which makes our headline – Bitcoin Hits $9,000 all the more understandable; all of these new Bitcoin investors jumped in to buy Bitcoin and voila the sudden surge in demand makes it easy to understand how Bitcoin hits $9,000 so quickly.

In holding to our stance of rapid rises in Bitcoin price we see Bitcoin hitting the $10,000 mark either on schedule as we originally predicted or even earlier.  We knew that that announcing “Bitcoin Hits $9,000” was inevitable but we didn’t expect it to happen just five days after our prediction.

As Bitcoin blew past $9,100 last night to hover tantalizingly close to $9,200 it’s entire possibly I’ll be writing a “Bitcoin Breaks $10,000” article just one week from now.  What’s undeniable is that Bitcoin is going nowhere but up in the long term and if you’re not investing in Bitcoin now it’s not too late to start.  There’s still lots of money to be made as cryptocoin experts from every spectrum of finance are expecting Bitcoin to hit nosebleed highs in the years ahead.


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