Bitconnect Class Action Lawsuit – Thousands feel cheated and the lawyers have mobilized

As the saying goes “Well that was fast.” It all started two days ago when Bitconnect shut down its Bitcoin lending platform. That was when Bitconnect class action lawsuit talk started.

As chaos erupted across the cryptocoin world a new Facebook group was created that same day; The Bitconnect Class Action Lawsuit Group

Jon Alexander took the bull by the horns and is leading the charge to mobilize as many people as possible to join him in a Bitconnect class action lawsuit.

His efforts are bearing fruit. In less than 48 hours over 1,000 people have joined the group with experiences and impressions that run the gamut:

Most people are understandably furious; they feel they were misled, manipulated and cheated.  The term “Ponzi scheme” is used constantly.

Surprisingly, a few people stated they knew it was a Ponzi scheme but still wanted to make money with Bitconnect.

The tales of losses are profound.  Several posts advertising the USA’s suicide hotline were posted.  The saddest tale of Bitconnect loss seems to be this one…

Bitconnect Class Action Lawsuit Blossoms

Then there’s the other side of the coin — people who are holding out hope that Bitconnect will come back…

They are HODLING their BCC in hopes they will get the $363 USD per coin promised as the price currently floats at around $30.

Astonishingly, some people are doubling down on Bitconnect and buying even more BCC at low prices hoping they’ll make a tidy profit.

One fellow wants to see North Carolina and Texas sued, questioning the legality of the cease and desist letters they issued to Bitconnect.

The prevailing sentiment is that Bitconnect robbed people blind and while there is a glimmer of hope of recovering lost money, real hope grows as the Bitcoin class action lawsuit gains momentum. Much more than just a pipe dream or fanciful daydreaming, a Bitconnect class action lawsuit seems very real.  Just yesterday the law firm Silver Miller has announced their intention to organize and file a class action lawsuit on behalf of NOT ONLY Bitcoin investors who lost money but indeed ANY CRYPTOCOIN INVESTOR WHO FEELS THEIR INVESTMENTS LOST VALUE AS A RESULT OF THE BITCONNECT SHUTDOWN.

Holy shit, boys and girls.

The Bitconnect class action lawsuit story has just started.  We’ll keep you updated on this as the story unfolds.




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