The Canaan Avalon A9 IS The Future of Bitcoin Mining

The future of Bitcoin mining comes in the form of the Canaan Avalon A9; Up to 30 TH/s at approximately 1700 watts.  When delivered, Canaan will  have made every Bitcoin miner’s dream come true while changing the entire paradigm of Bitcoin mining itself.

The future of Bitcoin mining lies in the new A3207 chips based on 7nm technology.  Long story short; more chips running much more efficiently consuming far less power.  Home-based Bitcoin miners – me included – with power efficiency to make older Avalon miners consuming 1200-1400 watts churn out 8-16 TH/S.  For home-based Bitcoin miners and the giants in Bitcoin mining will need recalculate everything now.

The Canaan Avalon A9 is that big of a game changer in determining the future of Bitcoin mining.

Over the years, Canaan has maintained a standard design for their miners (the 721, 741, 821, 841, etc.) and we can only assume the new Canaan Avalon A9 while follow along the same lines. While pricing of the new A9 has yet to be determined, current Bitcoin pricing and other market forces have pushed the price of a single Canaan 841 miner down to as low as $449 – a price unheard of one year ago for a Bitcoin of such performance.

A key factor in determining the future of Bitcoin mining consists of determining the pricing of the new A9.  Previously we speculated on future pricing of new Bitcoin mining products but have found such forecasts as useless as trying to predict the future price of Bitcoin itself.

What’s clear is that proposed performance of the Canaan A9 will assuage global concern for Bitcoin mining power consumption. In terms of “bang for the buck” is concerned, the 30 TH/s output of a Canaan Avalon A9 points to the future of Bitcoin mining being a very bright one.



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