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LoopX ICO Scam

LoopX ICO Scam

  • February 16, 2018

LoopX ICO Scam – LoopX Disappears with $4.5 Million Without a Trace

The LoopX ICO scam is just another scam in what is turning out to be an alarming trend. ICOs can be wonderful things in raising capital for a new solution to a vexing problem via blockchain. The problem is, it’s just too easy for scam artists to raise all kinds of money then simply vanish. Prodeum was the last one to pull this off although it remains unclear of exactly how much they got away with.

When it comes to ICO ripoffs the LoopX ICO Scam is small potatoes compared to what Bitconnect pulled off. Even so, a lot of people lost a lot of money as the perpetrators pulled off the perfect exit scam. Website? Gone. Twitter Feed? Gone. Facebook Page… Telegram…. Gone and gone. These guys are gone without a trace and likely won’t be tracked down.

The LoopX ICO Scam starts with a familiar story; They promised a revolutionary investment platform to earn backers’ money with its proprietary trading algorithm, (remember the Bitconnect Bot?) Lots of people bought in looking for next round of easy money with the enticement of “no brainer” high returns.

Read some LoopX ICO Scam blurbs for yourself, taken from a cached version of their website before it totally disappeared…

“After developing over months and testing successfully with great profits, we can release now with great confidence the LoopX [t]rading [a]lgorithm,” the LoopX marketing read. “This [s]oftware will give us all the opportunity to make more money online then we could ever do in real life.”

“Our software handles over 10,000 trades per second and calculates over 100 currencies at a time…Always looking for those opportunities to make profits bigger then 10%, which will payed out to our members on a weekly basis.”

“This was not thinkable in the normal financial sector, but has become reality in the cryptoworld.”

loopx ico scam

Clearly they used all the right buzzwords and reeled in unsuspecting investors with this amazing new thing they’ve developed. Just as with the vaunted Bitconnect bot, these people were no different than the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear who plied their bottles of bullshit across the American frontier to a naive pubic.

The word on the street was LoopX was planning to launch its lending investment platform (Hmmm, that sounds a lot like Bitconnect too…) this month.

The LoopX ICO Scam was driven by its whitepaper which really reeled in the gullible; “Finally the opportunity is here for the common investor to be part of a revolution and be finally free, financially free,… Our top priority is to give you an opportunity to sit back, let us do the work and watch your money grow.”

This appeal to people’s greed has worked for centuries the world over. Amazingly, some people really do never learn.

For lack of any other guidance, we urge cryptocoin investors to ONLY invest in ICOs based in the United States. ICOs in America are subject to compliance with a string of requirements under US Federal Law. Violators are subject to the full force of the Federal government and scam artists WILL be caught. Alternatively, look to Western Europe where there is also a respectable amount of oversight, regulation and a stronger presence of law enforcement with the resources to track down wrongdoers.

Equally as important, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Do deep research. And as we pointed out in an earlier article — approach every ICO with a healthy amount of skepticism. Get the word on the street from Reddit, Bitcointalk.org and Facebook groups. Start conversations with other people. Find out all you can about the ICO and ask lots of questions. Once you’ve done your research and feel satisfied with everything you learned then go for it.

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