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ICO Review 2018

  • December 28, 2018

Get To Know Your ICOs: ICO Review 2018

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are sometimes considered to be the wild west of the finance world – a new territory ripe for exploration, filled with pitfalls and opportunities alike for the bold and adventurous.

Understandably, ICOs are a hot topic today not just among the early adopters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but also among entrepreneurs, startups, and even regular folk looking to cash in on the latest high-tech trends. Any ICO review 2018 needs to take a hard look at the brutal losses this yewar with an optimistic eye open to the future.

An ICO provides a chance to accumulate funds required for launching a business. Investors get startup’s tokens in return, which could be later traded once the business grows. These initial fundings usually operate with Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are currently regarded as the leading cryptocurrencies.

Just like any other industry, ICOs also have pros and cons. For example, unlike traditional initial public offerings, ICOs are not subject to as much regulatory scrutiny. Depending on the country they are registered in, ICOs could raise a significant amount of capital fairly quickly. Although there have been crazy success stories, there have been disastrous flops and failures as well.

Most governments and institutions are still on the fence on how to approach this new technology, although some have already made their positions clear. Meanwhile, the crypto world is bustling with activity – new ICOs are introduced every week, while old players continue to build names for themselves. In fact, in 2017 alone, almost $4 billion in funding has been raised through initial coin offerings. End-of-year numbers for 2018 are not finalized making this ICO review 2018 understandably incomplete.

The key to success lies in education. Anyone looking into getting in on some ICO action would do well to get familiar himself with the latest news and developments in the cryptocurrency arena first, as well as do some brushing up on a little bit of history. A more well-informed approach to initial coin offerings encourages smarter decisions and a heightened awareness, which only aids greatly in discerning the difference between real opportunities and scams.

In fact, a lot of resources are available today for those looking to take a deeper dive into crypto. Books and video series, blogs and websites, as well as online tutorials are all definitely worth looking into. Online communities are also a great way to connect with fellow newbies and enthusiasts from all over the world.

With that in mind, the following infographic outlines the basics of ICOs, a roundup of the crypto world thus far, and a lot more. Check it out; we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading it.

Infographic URL: https://btxchange.io/ico-roundups-infographic/

Hope you all have a fabulous Holiday Season and wonderful New Year!

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