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How to Buy Cryptocoin

How to Buy Cryptocoin

  • December 19, 2017

How to Buy Cryptocoin is Easy. Bitcoin? Ethereum? Litecoin? You name it.

With Bitcoin ablaze in the media and their close cousins Ethereum and Litecoin also mentioned often and prominently, it’s time for us to spell it out for you. As I am a Bitcoin miner I don’t buy Bitcoin anymore, I help to create it and I am paid very handsomely for my Bitcoin mining operations. But before I became a miner I had to do my research. A lot of it. And one of the first things I learned is that how to buy cryptocoin is easy.

In my case I used Coinbase. But you can just as easily use Blockchain or Xapo. From personal experience I recommend Coinbase because they are the epitome of this article – how to buy Bitcoin is easy. My first time out I had an account set up and my first purchase made via debit card in less than five minutes. They have a nifty vault feature which adds a second layer of security to your cryptocoin in that a hacker can’t simply gain access to your account and drain you dry; there is a 48 hour delay on all vault transfers.

how to buy cryptocoin

The question asked next most often is not “How to buy cryptocoin” but IF an investor should buy cryptocoin. The answer is YES!

Or – more emphatically – HELL YEAH!

As Bitcoin wanders hither and yon between $17,000 and $20,000 (with an expected rise past 20K any time now) Ethereum has made tremendous gains of 10,000% (NOT A TYPO – TEN THOUSAND PERCENT) in the past year and Litecoin isn’t a lightweight either. The only question to ask yourself is not IF you invest in cryptocoin but WHEN will will you stop missing out? Get on the bus and stake your claim to the capital gains cryptocurrency has shown us all year long.

HOW to buy cryptocoin is easy. WHEN to buy cryptocoin is easy too — RIGHT NOW. Do your own research and see all the 2018 cryptocurrency price forecasts for yourself.

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