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Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

  • January 3, 2018

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Made Simple

Cryptocurrency portfolio management is top-of-mind for every cryptocoin investor. I myself am a Bitcoin miner and not an active trader so the built-in Stocks on my iPhone is all I need to keep track of everything I need to know about Bitcoin; current price, charts and news. For the cryptocurrency investor trading in multiple coins something special is needed.

That something special, in my opinion, is Blockfolio. All of the digital currency traders I talk to swear by it for cryptocurrency portfolio management. It’s massive volume of 4 and 5 star ratings and rave reviews across Google Play and the iTunes store clearly points to Blockfolio being the leading solution.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Key features include:

Last year saw a record rise in cryptocoin thefts with sites as large as Nicehash to individual investors being robbed of their cryptocurrency holdings before their very eyes. Blockfolio responded proactively in rolling out end-to-end encryption which eliminates any “man in the middle” hack attempts as well as insuring that transactions can’t otherwise be intercepted by any third party.

As cryptocurrency portfolio management has a critical privacy component, Blockfolio released a statement addressing this: “To date we have not made use of any of the data in any way. When we do, we will ensure the privacy of our users is a top priority. Data is associated with device IDs, or hashed values, and is non-personally identifiable.”

Consumers understandably desire greater levels of privacy and protection to protect their assets. Blockfolio is the way to go when it comes to cryptocurrency portfolio management. Millions of people are using it so it’s clear the Blockfolio design team hit the mark when it comes to managing cryptocoin investments anywhere and anytime.

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