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Cryptocoin Phishing Scams

Cryptocoin Phishing Scams

  • February 9, 2018

Cryptocoin Phishing Scams – Everybody is a Target

Cryptocoin phishing scams – and cryptcurrency scams in general – are everywhere. This happens in any and every sector of the economy where there is a surge of economic activity in a new market. Crowdfunding scams were at every turn tricking people into paying money – sometimes a lot of money – for products and services that never materialized. Now it’s cryptocoin’s turn for innocent people to get tricked out of cryptocoins or actual fiat money.

Cryptocoin phishing scams are morphing into many forms including a new variation of the old “Microsoft has detected a virus on your computer” fake phone call which led to a hacker in India getting PERMISSION to mess up the computer under the pretense of “diagnostics” only to intentionally messing up the computer then demanding money to restore access. Here’s a gallery of cryptocoin scams that came out just yesterday alone:

Cryptocoin Phishing Scams

Cryptocoin Phishing ScamsCryptocoin Phishing ScamsCryptocoin Phishing Scams

Cryptocoin phishing scams and digital currency confidence tricks of every type are only going to continue – and get worse. With hundreds of billions of dollars out there in a cryptocoin market cap predicted to go to one trillion during 2018, criminals, scam artists and hackers are only going to get more motivated to steal.

Cryptocoin Phishing Scams

Here’s how you can protect yourself from cryptocoin criminals and their scams

Learn online “street smarts”. Check out every offer and the person making it. If you can’t triple-check and verify authenticity just skip it.

Don’t Trust AND verify. With every website, cryptocoin opinion, ICO whitepaper, offer to buy or sell coin DO YOUR HOMEWORK. DYOR.

Only Deal With Reliable Companies and People. Reliable is a relative term in the cryptocoin world but you’re better off going with a known entity.

Never Send Cryptocoin or Cash to Someone You Don’t Know. Sadly, people are getting robbed every day trying to buy or sell coin.

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