Bright Bitcoin Futures Made Brighter.

Everyone is expecting the CME Bitcoin Futures roll out this coming Sunday. What no one saw coming was TD Ameritrade making bright bitcoin futures even brighter.  As Bitcoin speculation runs wild from concerns of environmental impact to a theoretical Bitcoin bubble to people getting rich or going broke, the overall outlook points to Bright Bitcoin Futures whether you exercise a Bitcoin futures contract or simply buy and hodl (yes, hodl) Bitcoin.

If there were any clearer indicator to the vision of bright Bitcoin futures we need look no further than the media itself.  When I entered the crowdfunding promotion industry in November 2013, crowdfunding was and indeed is an occasional buzzword.   The kind of news coverage we’re seeing points to cryptocoin being far larger than crowdfunding ever could hope to be.

When I first wrote about Bitcoin futures I couldn’t have known then how true my words would be.  With Bitcoin hovering in the $17,500 range for most of today and up 10% over the past seven days it’s not hard to imagine Bitcoin at $20,000 by Monday.

Consider some of the biggest players finance entering the Bitcoin world; first CBOE, then CME and now TD Ameritrade.  Then consider how an existing player like Coinbase has crashed repeatedly under the strain of tripling its client base in less than one year and the torrential volume of Bitcoin transactions all those new clients bring.

All of these indicators and more point in only one direction; bright bitcoin futures.  Regardless of whether you’re trading Bitcoin itself or working the Bitcoin futures market OR if you are a journalist covering Bitcoin it is an undeniable fact that Bitcoin is a power unto itself.

The smarter people in the crowd will realize the unique opportunity that has presented itself and jump on it armed with research and insight.


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