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Bitcoin Price Positioned to Explode

Bitcoin Price Positioned to Explode

  • March 8, 2018

Bitcoin Price Positioned to Explode – Bitcoin Dropped Yesterday on Bad News That’s Really Good News.

SEC cryptocurrency exchange scrutiny. The Japanese Bitcoin Whale selling off $400 million in Bitcoin. A feared Binance hack. Bad news for Bitcoin, right? WRONG. All this news is good news; Bitcoin price positioned to explode. I’ve noticed that a lot of cryptocoin investors look at a Bitcoin news headline and assume they know the whole story…. they usually don’t. Or they read the whole article but miss important details and end up with a flawed conclusion. Let’s go over all of the good news that proves the Bitcoin Price positioned to explode.

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SEC scrutiny of cryptocurrency exchanges. This Wall Street Journal article summarizes it best; if you’re doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about. Case in point, this quote directly from the article: “...Coinbase Inc.’s GDAX platform, limit their order books to bitcoin and virtual currencies that aren’t issued by any single company and have been deemed commodities by the government. Those platforms are effectively free from SEC oversight because they don’t offer investments it regulates.” It’s the ICOs and the exchanges trading shitcoins that have something to worry about, Proof positive: this “bad new” is actually good news for Bitcoin. Like I said, Bitcoin Price Positioned to Explode. Or maybe EXPLODE.

Japanese Bitcoin Whale. Too many people assumed Nobuaki Kobayashi sold $400 million in Bitcoin yesterday. But he didn’t. If you read any given news article carefully you will learn the sell off started in September of 2017…. as Bitcoin marched higher and higher to finally hit just around $20,000. Mr. Kobayashi is the trustee overseeing the Mt. Gox bankruptcy. He’s got $1.9 billion more of Bitcoin to sell and he’s made it clear he will sell it strategically at the highest price possible. Conclusion: Bitcoin Price Positioned to Explode.

The Binance Hack. People were understandably concerned but Binance handled the attempted hack masterfully. Nobody lost any money through the unpredictable yet effective response by Binance. Bloomberg reported the event beautifully. The most important fact of this failed attempt is what the hackers tried to get away with; Bitcoin. The king of cryptocurrency. Score one more point for Bitcoin Price Positioned to EXPLODE.

So now that we stomped on and stamped out the latest FUD let’s look forward to Bitcoin’s brighter-than-ever future.

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