Bitcoin Predictions 2018 – This week has been a bloodbath for the cryptocoin world.  Bitcoin will emerge bigger than ever.

Bitcoin Predictions 2018 are becoming crystal clear as many lesser cryptocoins faced slaughter and certain destruction this week.  The path of destruction is too vast to fully document but we’ll go with the basics; Monero, Zcash, Dash and other cryptocurrencies were delisted on Korbit and Coincheck. Monero mining was hacked concerning Apple Mac users. Verge faces new competition from VIT courtesy of porn star and Trump accuser Stormy Daniels vis a vis PornHub. Oh and Monero was delisted on Changelly.

And all of this on the heels of a scathing article on cryptocurrency fraud in the Wall Street Journal.

Are you with me so far with Bitcoin predictions 2018?

The current cryptocoin massacre in the press, from cryptocurrency exchanges and hackers are going to leave a lot of cryptocoins permanently maimed if not murdered outright.  That’s what makes these Bitcoin Predictions 2018 so sweet; they are so right.

Yes,  I am aware of the Bitcoin price manipulation investigation and that’s fine.  Bitcoin itself is not under investigation, just a few bad actors who allegedly played the price as they wished.

When the smoke clears and the dust settles Bitcoin will not only remain the king of cryptocurrency, it will emerge stronger than ever.  Bitcoin bulls Tom Lee, John McAfee and others are holding to the view that Bitcoin prices will be at an all time high before 2018 closes.  As a Bitcoin miner myself watching Bitcoin transactions minute by minute I agree; Bitcoin predictions 2018 are very positive ones with Bitcoin reaching astonishing new highs leaving so many other cryptocoins in the dust.  On that note, I predict the collapse of 20% or more of cryptocurrencies on the markets today.  Cryptocoin investors are advised to take a conservative stance and stick to safer coins.  Cryptocoin speculation is a very risky business these days,

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