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Bitcoin Mining Home Setup

Bitcoin Mining Home Setup

  • January 12, 2018

Bitcoin Mining Home Setup – Everything You Need to Know

Every Bitcoin mining home setup needs two things; plenty of electricity and ample air circulation.

That’s all you need to know about a Bitcoin mining home setup. Thanks for reading!

OK seriously. Plenty of power and air flow is all any cryptocoin mining home setup needs – whether you run ASIC miners like me or mining rigs for other coins.

Bitcoin Miners Need Breathing Room.

The layout of my apartment made my Bitcoin mining home setup a snap; I positioned the miners right by windows. As a result, all of the heat generated by my ASIC miners blow right out the window. No need for fans and no need to go bankrupt on air conditioning come summer time. Whenever possible get the heat generated by mining equipment vented right out of the room. Fans are acceptable if there’s no other way but fans just blow all that heat around the room which is not an optimal solution in the long term. Venting heat directly OUT of the room is the way to go.

See for yourself….

Bitcoin Mining Home Setup 029

How Much Power Do You Need for Bitcoin Mining?

I’ll defer to Eric Eddy on a future article about other forms of mining rigs and stick with what I know; ASIC miners. From long, painful experience you can safely deliver a maximum of 1950 watts to ASIC miners in any given room assuming a standard 20 AMP circuit in that room. The math might work on paper in the sense that a standard 20 AMP circuit in the United States delivers 2400 watts. But in reality it’s not going to happen. How do I know? I was trying to run two Avalon Miners (one 721, one 741) with a total rated power consumption of 2050 watts and I was popping circuit breakers constantly.

To make my Bitcoin mining home setup work I ended up moving the Avalon 721 to my bedroom giving it ample power all on its own. So the 741 ran in the living room and the 721 ran in my bedroom.

Until I tried to deploy a second Avalon 741 in the living room. Knowing in advance there was no way I could sustain two 741s consuming 2200 watts, I ended up running a heavy duty orange extension cord into the next room and PROBLEM SOLVED. I deploy TWO power supplies per Avalon miner so the setup ended up being THREE of the FOUR power supplies powered from the electricity in the living room while the other power supply was juiced through the extension cord running from the guest bedroom.

Now I have enough power left over in the guest bedroom to deploy my next Bitcoin miner; the Avalon Miner 821. I am already on the list.

Behold the future site of my Avalon Miner 821 right by a window for easy exhaust of heat plus ample power right there.


And there you have it – a Bitcoin mining home setup in a nutshell. In a future article I’ll go into detail about my next home and the criteria I will use to pick my house. Can you guess what the top two items on my house shopping check list will be?

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