Bitcoin Breaks $10,000

Now that Bitcoin Breaks $10,000 what’s next? It depends on who you ask.  John McAfee bet his own dick it would reach $500,000.  Others claim $40,000 at this time next year.  Others are a bit more conservative.

What’s clear is that there is no Bitcoin bubble anytime soon.  Some are playing the Bitcoin bubble to the hilt.  Earlier today Shark Tank’s Mister Wonderful Kevin O’Leary admitted on CNBC he tried to short Bitcoin  but couldn’t.  During the same segment he confirmed that Bitcoin is only going to go up.

Bitcoin Breaks $10,000

So now that bitcoin breaks $10,000 what’s next? More gains, of course.  In as much as the saying “all good things must come to an end” holds true in most cases, Bitcoin can be considered a paradigm shift in 21st century finance. The soothsayers of doom would have you believe there is a Bitcoin bubble coming along any time now.

Historians should note that when China clamped down on Bitcoin and ICOs of all kinds some two months ago Bitcoin cratered for a few days.  Then the news was shrugged off and Bitcoin exploded in price has been on an upward trajectory ever since.  While some governments outlaw Bitcoin other world powers embrace it – up to and including Bitcoin ATM machines – the headline “Bitcoin Breaks Through $10,000” will be old news this same time next year.  The most conservative Bitcoin forecasts project BTC at $40,000 this same time next year.  If Bitcoin pricing increases at only half the current rate of growth then 2018 will lead to a very happy new year 2019 indeed.

As cliches go – Bitcoin breaks $10,000 today and $100,000 tomorrow? It’s not impossible.  A Bitcoin bubble may very well happen but I don’t see it as happening anytime soon. Bitcoin Breaks $10,000 today and could break $100,000 six months from now.  The best advice I have for Bitcoin investors is to buy and hold.  And wait and watch.  Then sell one day and make a fortune.



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