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Banking on Bitcoin Movie Review

Banking on Bitcoin Movie Review

  • December 31, 2017

Banking on Bitcoin Movie Review – Two Thumbs Up But…

This Banking on Bitcoin movie review (available for streaming on Netflix) must be prefaced by saying this is material perfect for The History Channel or as a basic introduction to the concept of cryptocoin. This is through no fault of the producers as the cryptocoin world moves at such a rapid pace so as to make it nearly pointless to publish a book, produce a film, etc. With Bitcoin news changing and emerging on a daily basis this is to expected.

As a very fair Banking on Bitcoin movie review I need to look past the historical context and give all due credit to the fascinating exploration of theories behind who Satoshi Nakamoto may be. Then there’s the excellent coverage of Bitcoin pioneers Charlie Shrem, Nick Spanos and others who – as so perfectly stated in the film “had to be the first ones through the door only to get shot…” (paraphrasing).

banking on bitcoin movie reviewNo Banking on Bitocoin movie review would be complete without observing something of a bias against the traditional banking system. This is completely understandable for almost anyone who has ever been a banking customer in the past fifty years. The closing comments right before the film credits makes this crystal clear as does the segment with Benjamin Lawsky just before it. I’m hoping to give you enough teasers so as get you interested but not so much to be seen as spoilers.

Overall this is an excellent film of high quality through excellent videography and spot on journalism. What really got my eyes to pop was learning that the Winklevoss twins were involved with Bitconnect to the tune of a $1.5 million investment. Banking on Bitcoin taught me a lot thanks to the recent history of Bitcoin which is virtually non-existent in any given conversation about Bitcoin these days. For anyone interested in Bitcoin or cryptocoin in general this is a film you must watch.

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