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Avalon 761 Bitcoin Miner Unveiled

Avalon 761 Bitcoin Miner Unveiled

  • December 17, 2017

Avalon 761 Bitcoin Miner Unveiled – Canaan Comes Through Again

With the Avalon 761 Bitcoin Miner Unveiled I must confess to putting myself on the waiting list. I’ve been Bitcoin mining on nothing but Avalon miners and I am a fan for life. First I bought an Avalon 721. Then two 741s. Now I’m ready for a 761. Canaan sent out an email some weeks back announcing the A8 (now officially known as the 761(?) or maybe the 821 – see below) promising higher hashrates and better power efficiency.

And Canaan did it. I just saw the Avalon 761 Bitcoin Miner in any official way on Blokforge last night- an official Canaan distributor – and the specs are impressive. The model display boasts 8.8 TH/s with a top rate of 9.5 TH/s. From experience, Avalon Bitcoin miners usually exceed their published specs and I am sure the Avalon 761 Bitcoin Miner won’t disappoint. My Avalon 721 consistently delivers 7 TH/S (published rate 6.1) and my 741s frequently top out at 8 TH/s (published rate 7.3)

The Avalon 761 Bitcoin Miner shown on Blokforge boasts built-in power supplies. My reaction to this news in one word; NICE! However, the Avalon 761 listed is for the Chinese market so there’s no way to know yet if the upcoming Avalon miner destined for other parts of the world will have the same feature. There are no actual pictures of an Avalon 761 but as soon as we get some we’ll be sure to share them.

So that nobody thinks I’m an Avalon fanboy I have one complaint about Avalon miners; the increasing price. I purchased my two 741s for $798 each plus shipping just two months ago. Canaan now lists the 741 for $1050. Blockforge $1200. The Avalon 761 is listing for $1400 which is almost double the original price of the 741 for an increase of hashrate of roughly 25%. If there’s now an onboard power supply then the Avalon 761 will be a good value.

There’s also an AvalonMiner 821 listed on Canaan’s website but there are no published specs or price at this time. As I covered earlier, Bitcoin mining costs are simple to calculate and impossible to ignore. It’s looking like the Avalon 761 will be impossible to ignore.

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