Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Startles on Day One

A few days ago I covered the announcement of Weiss cryptocurrency ratings.  Right on time, Weiss delivered some of its first ratings today and surprised a lot of cryptocoin investors.  The most startling news is that Weiss awarded Ethereum a grade of B while the granddaddy of all cryptocoins – Bitcoin – came up short with a C+.

Possibly sensing outrage and perhaps imagining crowds of angry people at their offices with torches and pitchforks, Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings immediately explained their reasoning; “… (Bitcoin) is encountering major network bottlenecks, causing delays and high transactions costs.” My interpretation of this Bitcoin C+ rating is that it can quickly be upgraded to A if the Lightning Network becomes reality.

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings are currently available for 74 cryptocoins with more coins to be added on a regular bass. Digital currency grades run from as high as A to the lowest being a D far as far as I saw. It’s fair to say that any cryptocoin that doesn’t make the cut to be included in Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings is probably a coin that should be avoided for a number of different reasons.   Every grade awarded is accompanied by an explanation behind their reasoning.

weiss cryptocurrency ratngsOther features of Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings include:

  • Immediate access to all of their cryptocurrency ratings
  • Weekly updates & commentary on various cryptocurrencies.
  • Flash alerts of breaking news cryptocoin investors need to know

The Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings services is priced at $936 per year which I think is a damned good deal considering how much money and heartache Weiss ratings can save you.  For a limited time, Weiss is offering their service half-price to early visitors. Weiss Ratings is taking a lot of the guesswork out of selecting cryptocoin investments which makes it an indispensable research tool.

According to Weiss Ratings “The primary goal of the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings is to help protect investors from risk, while leading them to the most sustainable, robust cryptocurrencies.”

As far as I’m concerned you’re not a serious cryptocoin investor if you’re not a subscriber to Weiss cryptocurrency ratings.

Cryptocoin Investment Ratings

Cryptocoin Investment Ratings – Weiss Ratings Brings Respected, No-Nonsense Ratings to Cryptocurrency Investors

Weiss Ratings, renowned for their honest and objective ratings of over 55,000 investments is bringing their expertise to the cryptocoin markets by initiating cryptocoin investment ratings next week.  Recognized by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and other respected news outlets, Weiss Ratings is sure to bring order to chaos in the wild wild west of cryptocoin investing.

For years, investors could count on concise, accurate and reliable investment ratings in the stock markets.  Investor’s Business Daily has an incredible stock rating system that appears in their daily newspaper. Mutual funds are ranked on many criteria by Morningstar and anyone investing in mutual funds has immediate access to this information.  Empowered through information, equity investors can make informed decisions.

Now cryptocurrency investors will be similarly empowered thanks to cryptocoin investment ratings that will be provided by Weiss Ratings.  Weiss is totally objective and will eliminate a lot of the guesswork digital currency investors are forced to grapple with every day.  The most burning question on every cryptocoin investor’s mind is which coin to buy next? Which one should I sell? Which coins are good? Which ones are duds?

Cryptocoin Investment Ratings

With cryptocoin investment ratings coming to the cryptocurrency world, the cryptocoin ecosystem is coming of age.   I see this as an incredible evolutionary step in the crypto markets that will greatly reduce instances of fraudulent ICOs, questionable cryptocoins and other pitfalls that keep digital currency investors awake at night.

I must caution my fellow cryptocoin investors that they should not entirely rely on the cryptocoin investment ratings Weiss will be delivering.  Doing your own research through analyzing charts, whitepapers and the potential usefulness of any given coin will remain very important in reaching any cryptocurrency investment decision.  Nevertheless, Weiss Ratings coming to digital currencies will make life a lot easier.

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