cryptocoin investing

cryptocoin investing

Cryptocoin investing including bitcoin, ICOs and other exciting elements makes this kind of investing a whole new world in terms of capital markets.

In the main, Cryptocurrency investments are now considered to be one of the best investment decisions.

That’s because there’s no easier way to increase net worth while leveraging technology as the “new world order” of cryptocurrency has established itself as the next big thing.

Certainly there are risks to cryptocoin investing. Chief among them is volatility. Price swings can occur in a matter of seconds day or night. It’s not unheard of to see bitcoin swing up or down by over $1,000 while investors are sound asleep. Then there are the soothsayers of doom like Jamie Dimon that talk of bitcoin bubbles, cryptocoin investing being no better than gambling, etc. etc.
On the other hand you have advocates like John McAfee and many others who see a very bright future in cryptocoin investing so much so that McAfee has made a legendary bet that Bitcoin will reach $500,000 in value per coin in a relatively short period of time. Other experts who predicted bitcoin would blossom in value were superbly understated in their optimism in the sense that bitcoin pricing predictions made between September and October actually happened months ahead of forecasts.
What cryptocurrency should you invest in?
There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Cryptocoin investing is akin to investing in stocks or bonds in terms of what your investment goals are.

Crypto Capers founder Howard Sherman has been using Coinbase since day one and find them to be an excellent judge of stable cryptocurrency. They don’t jump on every bandwagon and they don’t follow the next big thing just because it’s the hottest thing at the moment. He’s seen them refuse to support transactions in cryptocoin investing – specifically the last two bitcoin forks of 2017 – because they didn’t judge these new cryptocurrencies as stable enough to justify cryptocoin investing activities.

Over the years, several digital currencies hit the market each promising wealth and riches beyond avarice. Let’s take a look at the ones you can trade on Coinbase as we see them as the most stable and most widely established:

  • Bitcoin. Bitcoin is THE standard in cryptocoin investing. BTC is the most valuable and the most widely covered cryptocurrency on earth in terms of news news media. The CME is starting bitcoin trading futures and many Wall Street firms and hedgefunds facilitate bitcoin investing here and now.
  • Ethereum. Ethereum is the second largest digital currency by the market capitalization and by the current price.
  • Litecoin. Litecoin has been one of the most stable crypto currencies so far. In fact, it is often considered the next best thing to Bitcoin.

There a lot of other potentially interesting cryptocoins to invest in such as Monero. Do your own due diligence before deciding how and where to start cryptocoin investing.

How do you start cryptocoin investing? Visit our blog to learn all of the details step by step.

Please note that investing in crypto assets is risky. While you could get rich with cryptocoin investing its entirely possible you could lose a lot of money fast.