Ripple XRP Craters on Coinbase News

Ripple XRP Craters on Coinbase News

Wild speculation and unfounded rumors that Coinbase would be offering XRP trading were unfounded; as a result Ripple XRP Craters on Coinbase News that they are not offering XRP trades at the moment.  Today XRP hit a low of $2.45 and hovered around and about $2.65 most of the day.

Putting aside opinions of Ripple XRP as a manipulative instrument of the global banking institution as a whole, this cryptocoin investment is wildly speculative in ways not even Bitcoin itself.

XRP ran to wild new highs on speculation over the past 48 hours that Coinbase would implement Ripple XRP trading as early as today.  Apparently Coinbase took notice and responded quickly with an official statement…

Ripple XRP Craters on Coinbase News

Ripple XRP Craters on Coinbase News shouldn’t come as shocking news to any cryptocoin trader; wild highs and depressing lows come freely and easily when wild speculation with an absence of facts take over reason.

All that being said we’re not surprised by the fact that Ripple XRP Craters on Coinbase News.  Not to take sides but I must say that the centralized nature of XRP flies in the face of what cryptocoin is meant to be.  We need look no further than Bitcoin when considering what cryptocoin is meant to be.

What’s next for Ripple? I won’t even begin to speculate even if I had a perfectly functioning crystal ball.  Ripple has been on the rise over the past few weeks which is an unmistakable fact.  What may happen next is hard to predict even among the smartest people in any given cryptocoin trading room.  So what’s next for cryptocoin investments? Pardon me for sounding like a parrot but the answer remains Bitcoin.  It remains far and away the gold standard in Bitcoin investments.  I advise against seeing any shortcuts to cryptocoin profits and stick with a winner with a proven track record.




Ripple XRP is on a Run

Ripple XRP is on a Run – Now Trading at $1 and Going Up From There

There’s been lots of talk about Ripple recently and for good reason; Ripple XRP is on a run! Over the past few weeks, we have seen the XRP price rise to $0.70 and last night to more than $1. No one thought the price of XRP would spike so high in 2017 which just goes to show that there’s cryptocoin out there beyond “The Big Four” that are worthy of time and attention.

With 2018 just ten days away there’s already fireworks with first Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and now Ripple’s XRP in the wake of the surge of Bitcoin (BTC) to nearly $20,000 just a few days ago.  Under the radar of most cryptocoin investors – even seasoned investors – are altcoins which are have been rapidly appreciating in value over the past few weeks. One of those altcoins – even though it is not a cryptocurrency –  is Ripple’s XRP. More specifically, the price of XRP has gone up nearly 400% in the past few weeks to cross the $1 mark yesterday.

What is Ripple XRP?

Ripple XRP is on a Run

Ripple acts as a payment network, RippleNet, and a cryptocurrency, Ripple XRP.

Ripple makes it easy to transfer almost any currency to almost any other currency anywhere on earth in less than five seconds.

At the moment, Ripple is focused on working with banks and other financial institutions as a fast, efficient and cost-effective alternative to bank wire transfers and other methods of sending real-time payments around the world.

What’s Next for the Price of Ripple XRP?

Ask ten cyrptocurrency experts and you’ll get twelve opinions. With Ripple XRP on a run the whole year — starting out 2017 worth just a few pennies and now at $1, prices of $2, $3 or even more are entirely possible in 2018.  Some are calling Ripple XRP the next Bitcoin in terms of present value relative to growth potential.

Case in point; XRP has risen over 25% in just 24 hours proving that Ripple XRP is on a run. As is to expected, many cryptocoin investors cashed in and took profit which were nothing more than temporary hits to the price of XRP which continued to rise regardless. ranted, there has been some profit taking at the $0.85, $0.92, and $0.95 levels, but nothing has been able to keep the XRP price down for more than a few minutes.

As I publish this article at 5:45 AM PST on December 21st, the current price of XRP is $1.06 according to CoinGecko.  If you’re looking for a new cryptocoin to invest in, then research Ripple.  Ripple XRP is on a run and now might be a good time to get on board.

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