John McAfee Fugitive Follies

John McAfee Fugitive Follies – What’s Next For The Most Interesting Man in The World?

On the run from the IRS and running for President of the United States.  Welcome to the John McAfee Fugitive Follies.

The cryptocoin world had quite a spokesman in John McAfee.  Imminently intelligent and obviously eccentric, he was the perfect poster boy for crypto currency, his last escapades in Belize and through Guatemala before returning to the United States notwithstanding.

Apart from being being fascinating and entertaining on the level of the OJ Simpson slow speed chase in that white Ford Bronco so long ago is the potential for a teachable moment.  If John McAfee is as wealthy as he claims to be through cryptocurrency AND if his assertions of privacy and fluid of movement are to be proven, this latest adventure of John McAfee known as the John McAfee Fugitive Follies could be the test case everybody has been looking for.  If John McAfee continues to live the posh life while on the run, in exile, or whatever then the case he’s been making for cryptocoins all along will have been made.

John McAfee Fugitive Follies

There’s one obvious downside to the John McAfee fugitive follies; he’s giving the cryptocoin world a sorely unneeded black eye through his latest misadventures.  Tax evasion is not something you want to be known for in any circle.  Connect tax evasion to the current cryptocoin climate where government sentiment is concerned and it’s clear John McAfee is doing more harm than good at the moment.

A cautionary tale for John McAfee and anyone following the John McAfee Fugitive Follies: Al Capone was the most prominent target of the US government in history.  He deflected every attempt to put him behind bars even when the FBI put their full weight on him.  Mind you, the FBI back then was way more powerful than today’s FBI relative to civil liberties, procedures and all the rest.  So how did the untouchable Al Capone end up in Alcatraz? The IRS.


John McAfee Pump and Dump

John McAfee Pump and Dump Accusations are Running Wild.  And they are all unfounded.

You can Google it.  You can see it on Facebook.  On Reddit.  On Twitter.  There are rampant John McAfee pump and dump finger pointers and all of them are not to be taken seriously.  What we have here is wild speculation and silly assumption with no basis in fact.  In fact, a John McAfee insider trading story emerged overnight and it is certainly not credible.  But it is comical.

That’s because the author of the piece gets paid on “up votes”.  So anyone who agrees John McAfee pump and dump activities are really happening could upvote the article and the author pockets money each and every time. Even the so-called “evidence” presented in said article is highly suspicious.  If for no other reason, John McAfee is the grandmaster of online security and is nobody’s fool.  IF AND ONLY IF he is being compensated for plugging a coin I doubt he would have such a conversation so easily accessible via electronic means.

John McAfee Pump and Dump

Then there’s the fact somebody spoofed the official John McAfee Twitter account so who can actually say this conversation is valid at all? It’s not outside the boundaries of reason to think that this fake John McAfee account was created to intentionally cause chaos

That aside, there is nothing illegal or unethical for a social media influencer to be compensated for plugging a product or a service or anything else.  Ignorant investors toss around terms like “pump and dump” and “insider trading” with an obvious lack of understanding of what they are talking about.  When John talks about a coin, an ICO or Alaskan salmon or anything else, he always indicates if he was/is involved. When he talks about Reddcoin or Digibyte maybe he is being compensated.  While this is seriously doubtful as John has been a multimillionaire for several years and doesn’t need the money, there would be nothing wrong with it.  If people jump on Mr. McAfee’s advice and buy any given coin — then sell it at a profit — they are also doing nothing wrong.

What’s much more realistic and believable is that John McAfee is doing nothing more than building his own brand by positioning himself as the foremost authority on cryptocurrency. Celebrities do this all day every day.

John McAfee pump and dump rumors should be chalked up to haters and trolls and dismissed.  Here are some facts: John McAfee is a genius.  And an influencer.  And cryptocoin’s greatest champion.

Full disclosure: I am a John McAfee fan.

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