Electroneum Mobile Mining

Electroneum Mobile Mining – Mining Crypto Anytime and Anywhere

Richard Ellis and his team at ETN have been busy since day one but not nearly as busy until recently with their hard work in making Electroneum mobile mining a reality.  Their ETN miner has been in beta on the Android platform for quite some time.  Yesterday the Electroneum mobile mining app became officially available in the Google Play store and user feedback was virtually instantaneous.

Seasoned cryptocoin miners are probably yawning and saying “So what?” by this news and, if I didn’t know better, I would agree with the sentiment.  Serious crypto mining requires very powerful mining rigs or ASIC miners to make any respectable amount of money so mobile mining can’t possibly generate any serious amount of coin.  While that’s true in the strictest sense, there is a much broader audience here than the professional cryptocurrency miner.   Electroneum mobile mining empowers hundreds of millions of people who could never otherwise even dream of mining for cryptocoins. Mining rigs and Bitcoin miners are expensive and difficult to come by but nearly 70% of the population of developing owns a smart phone of some kind.  To these people, their smartphone is their only source of telephone communications, Internet access and entertainment.  Now that they can mine cryptocoin, even at a humble place, is huge.
Electroneum mobile mining

I’ve been a big fan of Electroneum for months and have been mining ETN on a spare PC almost since day one.

According to the official press release, Electroneum’s mobile miner allows anyone with a smartphone to earn a few US$ worth of cryptocurrency every month by mining Electroneum. It uses very little electricity, a tiny amount of data, and importantly it requires no technical knowledge. A few dollars per month may not seem like much – but a billion people across the world live on US$2 or less per day. 71% of the world’s population live on US$10 or less.

Electroneum has always been a very active outfit in developing their technology and doing deals to make the ETN coin more than just another cryptocoin investment but a functional coin with real-world applications.  Electroneum mobile mining is another milestone for this innovative company.

Electroneum Joins HitBtc Exchange

Electroneum Joins HitBtc Exchange – Expanded Reach of This Unique Cryptocoin to Attract New Investors

Cryptocoin investors spoke and the powers that be at Electroneum responded leading to the good news that Electroneum joins HitBtc Exchange.  ETN fans, advocates and investors have been clamoring to see Electroneum listed on more exchanges to make this unique mobile cryptocoin available to a much wider pool of cryptocoin investors.

When Electroneum entered the cryptocoin scene last they instantly gained attention. They quickly acquired a userbase of 750,000 with a c.$700m market cap yielding 2200% returns to their initial 120,000 investors. To date, over $513m of Electroneum has been traded which is astonishing when you consider that ETN has been listed on just one exchange up until now for just about two months.

Electroneum Joins HitBtc Exchange

What is Electroneum?

ETN is an end-to-end mobile payment solution.  Mobile users can simply purchase ETN and either HODL it, sell it or spend it (which is why Electroneum joins HitBTC exchange is even more important news).  The Electroneum team has developed a unique mobile mining app, currently in beta, which will enable users to mine ETN coins right from their phones in the background.  These coins will appear in their wallets for use in making mobile payments. What’s even more exciting is plans for ETN acceptance by various merchants.  Pay-by-phone is increasingly being adopted by retailers and other merchants and the Electroneum team has big plans for this new method of payment.

We previously announced ETN’s partnership with Xius and we expect to hear many more announcements from Electroneum heralding good news for ETN investors, adopters and users.  As I always say, one of the key factors to consider before investing in any cryptocoin is look at how useful the coin is or could be.  Electroneum certainly is useful in real-world applications and I anticipate this only to continue and expand.

As Electroneum joins HitBtc Exchange there are details and technical matters which are currently being handled.  As such, there is no firm date as to when ETN will be traded on HitBtc.

Electroneum is a Cryptocoin to Watch

Electroneum is a Cryptocoin to Watch – Or Better Yet Buy and HODL

Electroneum is a cryptocoin to watch for sure.  That’s because in just two months it’s made impressive price gains and very impressive inroads.  Proof? A recently announced deal with Xius, a mobile provider with 65 million customers across six continents processing $1 billion in payments every month.  That makes Electroneum a coin with a purpose with real-world applications.

Electroneum raised over $40 million with it’s ICO and currently has 500,000 registered users.  Investors have already enjoyed gains of as high as 1000% with no end in sight.  That’s why Electroneum is a coin to watch.  ETN isn’t a cryptocoin you should buy and flip for a fast profit, I see the biggest gains being made in the long term as Electroneum signs on more mobile clients which could conceivably pave the way to Electroneum being used by BILLIONS of people in the long term.

Electroneum is a Cryptocoin to Watch With a current price of 19 cents and a market cap just under $1 billion now’s the time to buy ETN.  Electroneum is a cryptocoin to watch grow and grow.  There’s reasonable speculation that ETN could hit $1 in the near term and $10 in the long term.  Some cryptocoin investors have bragged about flipping ETN for a fast profit but they won’t be bragging about how much money they COULD have made if they just held on to their ETN coins in the long term.   Consider this: Electroneum was just 9 cents last week and doubled in value since.

Electroneum has other deals in the works beyond the Xius deal they already closed.  Getting in on Electroneum as early as possible would be the smart play if you have any intention of investing in ETN at all.  Without a doubt Electroneum is a Cryptocoin to Watch and watch closely. Very, very closely.  I believe you’ll watch its value go up and up and up.


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