bitcoin whale spotted

Bitcoin Whale Spotted

February 18, 2018

Bitcoin Whale Spotted – Anonymous trader buys $400 million in bitcoin We reported Bitcoin whales behind the recent rally of Bitcoin going over $10,000 a couple of days ago. One Bitcoin whale spotted got the attention of everybody; he gulped up some 41,000

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Bitcoin Futures on E-Trade

Bitcoin Futures on E-Trade

January 3, 2018

Bitcoin Futures on E-Trade – Yet More Proof that Bitcoin Is Still the King of Crypto Currency. CME Bitcoin futures on E-Trade unveiled last night was just the next chapter in Bitcoin’s bright future. With a Bitcoin price slide last month yet still

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how to buy bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin

December 29, 2017

How to Buy Bitcoin – It could take just a couple of minutes or a couple of days. According to CNBC “how to buy bitcoin” was the third most used Google search time in 2017. That’s understandable; Bitcoin is dominating dinner conversations, most

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bitcoin price fluctuations

Frenzied Bitcoin Price Fluctuations

December 8, 2017

Bitcoin Price Fluctuations Hit a Fever Pitch Yesterday. Here’s what probably happened. As December 6th came to a close we reported “Bitcoin Gains $2,000 in 24 hours” settling in at just over $14,000. I stopped checking on Bitcoin price fluctuations shortly after BTC

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bitcoin futures

Bitcoin Futures

December 5, 2017

Bitcoin Futures – What This Means For Your Future Thanks to Bitcoin futures trading starting in just five days, a Bitcoin clampdown in the United States is now off the table. The SEC and FTC won’t fool around with Bitcoin now that the

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$11,000:An 11% Gain in 11 Hours

Bitcoin $11,000:An 11% Gain in 11 Hours

November 29, 2017

Bitcoin $11,000: An 11% Gain in 11 Hours is the stuff of legend and Bitcoin is nothing if not legendary. In some markets like Japan and South Korea BTC is now at $12,000. Clearly, Bitcoin is going nowhere but up. Lately, the cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin Will Burst to $9000 Soon

November 20, 2017

After teasing the $8,000 mark a couple of times last week Bitcoin is solidly in $8,000 territory with a $9,000 price point on the horizon. For all the naysayers and doubters let’s look back to the events of just a week ago when

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